Friday, December 19, 2008

2008 in Review ( Starmeter went up 42% and another whopping 30% this week)

1 drama series, 1 film in progress, 1 TV commercial, in all pretty balance I should think. I always seem to cover these genres every year, and I am always thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to be an Artiste. I've learned so be more friendly and open and to have more energy in dealing with people...after all this is a people business. Also one huge argument with a famous director, I pray she doesn't hold any grudge against me, I highly doubt that she won't. What else happened this year, before I say goodbye 2008? I bought a new place and getting ready to make my business really big. Also my name got listed in So what is there to expect for 2009? Another 1 TV commercial job coming, plus more networking work to be done. I just pray all the people that has touched my life in one way or the other, will be able to live their dreams too and take them even higher. Oh, end year is always full of great job still in planning stage, but I think I'm going to get it. As you can see the New York Times Square Ball next page, may it be a bigger and better year ahead for all of us who truly deserves it and works hard.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Remember to take notice the Young Father in Yellow next time you visit any 64 Employee Provident Funds (KWSP) offices nationwide

I went for the Employees Provident Funds internal corporate video shoot on Monday. It was quick, relaxing and easy. The production people were nice and not too fussy about the way the talents. The good thing is the talents get to eat alot, and I mean alot! How did I get this job? An old friend who is also the talent agent clinched me this role for the young Chinese father (gosh, am I that old?). When I met him, I told him I'm still young. The others who played the family is Samantha (my "wife), Kah Yee (15-year old daughter) and Kah Shiong (10-year old son).

We met at the Lake Garden, nearby Parliament. The place is really big, and thank goodnes I have the sense to request for the talent coordinator to pick me from the Masjid Jamek LRT station. I felt the main star is actually the grandfather who is supposed tp celebrate his birthday in the video. In real life, this grandfather is "confused", "loud" and bad table manners. (sorry, uncle, but it's true!) Confused because he doesn't know how take simple intructions from the director when he asked him to catch the balloons thrown at him, and not to look at the camera. Loud because during times when we are waiting for the crew to set up for the next scene, this uncle would blabber away and always refer me as "young man, young man...". I felt obligated to answer him and show him what he should do for his part during the shoot.

And as for table manners, this uncle took my food without my permission after we each ordered our dishes. Gosh, only this uncle character stood out like a sore thumb throughout the shoot. When my order for Nasi Goreng Amerika came, nearly everybody at the table looked at my tempting dish, which comes with an extra plate of delicious meat. Naturally, Sam, the "wife" asked for permission to taste, which I gladly allowed. But this old uncle just takes it from my plate without asking for permission, shamelessly! As for others, they were extremely easy and non-chalant.

But it was nice to see all types of people interacting with each other. That's the beauty of being a talent, you get to meet many types of people. Some is a joy to work with, some is a pain in the ass. But beyond all these, I felt glad I accepted this job which will be shown in all the EPF offices. It felt almost like a private film I'm shooting with a ready captive audience and the EPF offices acting like some kind of free cinema, distributing this work. So the next time you visit any EPF office, and waiting for your number at the lounge and watching the internal TV channel, do take notice of the scene where a young chinese father in his yellow shirt with his family. That's me.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


My new film will open to a scene of over 20 extras and 3 featured actors. I don't know what hidden connotations are presented in this first crucial scene because ultimately, it will set the tone for the entire film. Being a first time film-maker, I don't want to rush over the shoot too fast because ultimately, there must be a STORY. I just let my mind work consciously and sub-consciously, and finally this first scene feels so good and least to me.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

IT'S CONFIRMED! The Only Most Watched Episode Ever in the series

Yes, it is confirmed. I asked the producer of the TV series "Ampang Medikal" and he said it is the only highest-rated episode ever on the series in NTV7, (the usual viewership stays just over or under 1 million) for Episode 10 titled "Loyalty" it garnered over 2 million viewers on Thursday 30th October tracked by AC Nielsen. I don't dare to say it is because of my acting, but most importantly the issue the episode dealt with. It's a story about loyalty and how far anyone would go to sustain it. I'm just thankful that this episode was a success. For those who wants to see more, please visit

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Female Lead, Age 45 years or above for Feature Film

The rest of the cast is set. Now we need 1 female lead to complete this film pre-production. A bit of her profile:
* 45 years old or above,
* ability to act simply but with some complex undercurrent(those without experience are also encouraged to apply),
* able to speak and read English,
* possess these qualities: patience, humility, open-minded, unconventional in her thinking, funny.
* dares to show skin, be fun about it and classy.

How we envisioned this female lead in terms of her looks are somewhat similar to the picture on the left. Looks are NOT important in the selection process, but the picture serves as a reference point. The story of this film demands the Lead Actress' commitment in executing many moves. The film has a unique story, and will be a golden opportunity to any aspiring actress to try on this main role. If you fit the bill, immediately email your full profile picture and details to: jomteddy007@YAHOO.COM

We will reply via email, and invite selected candidates for an interview. Please bear in mind that this film is for non-commercial purposes.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Audition for My First Feature Film

Hai Guys, I will be directing my first film. For now the criteria is OPEN to anybody who wants to act. The main requirements are you must be able to read, write and understand in Bahasa Melayu and English. those interested, please email your particulars to JOMTEDDY007@YAHOO.COM

The main roles are specially for veteran actors from age 45 years old and above. The supporting roles are open to anyone.

Selected candidates will be replied with an email invitation to come to my office for casting. So please check your emails constantly. Rehearsals will start very soon, so hurry. Thanks.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A whopping 90% increase in my Starmeter. Hey, I'm just thankful for the moment of the rise

Yes, I surveyed my Starmeter at recently, and it increased by a whopping 90%! I really don't know how it works, but I suppose someone must have informed the about my most recent activities in the industry. Hopefully, God willing, I will be starring in a public service TV commercial and a new comedy series by end of this month. But for now, nothing is confirmed yet. But I am very happy by the increase of my Starmeter. Thank you, whoever you are in contributing the whopping 90%!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Guess whose Starmeter just went up....

Yes, I am surprised too. The thing about is they track your progress in the entertainment industry, no matter which country you are from. Recently I checked my profile, and it stated my starmeter went up to 39%! You may ask what is this starmeter. I suppose it's a valuation sign of how well you are noticed in the entertainment industry. My profile in IMDb is surely paying off. Thanks to whoever puts it there for me.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"KRIS LAW" - the top name search in IMDb, Google and Yahoo! search engines.

i was really surprised to know that my name was featured on the above search engines. I think one of you guys must have listed them for me. Thank you so much! It's really nice to see my name on IMDb especially because it's an international movie database.

Now whenever I type my name on any of the above search engines, my name will be listed among the first. Except when you see a YouTube video listing about this Kris Law shower, that's not me!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

House of Shirtless Men

After the filming of the exotic film "Island of Beautiful Maiden" with Wolfgang, he invited me to go to Berlin for some extra footage filming. I thought it was an extremely generous offer to fly me to Berlin for 2 days and also do some acting job there, all expenses paid for. Since this will be my first trip to an European country, it really gets me all excited and agreed everything Wolfgang briefed me about the "extra footage shoot" required for me to do. I didn't care when he warned me about the many shirtless scenes. The flight to Berlin was long, but it was nice to accompany Wolfgang whose English I find very hard to understand sometimes.

Upon reaching the airport, I was given only a few hours to sleep before I was rushed off to the shooting location for the extra footage scenes. All Wolfgang told me was, it's going to be the story of my character's introduction for the previous film "Insel de Schonen" . He said something about the scenes to be shot in a house where the weather at that time is extremely hot and all the men has to take off their shirts to beat the heat. I find this situation to be a bit funny, firstly all the men in one house are baring their upper bodies and having them acting without their shirts on! Another funny bit is, Wolfgang asked if I got a fresh pair of undies prior to the shoot, and asked me to bring it along. About the story, Wolfgang told me I will be the adopted brother of this German boy name Adalwen. I came into the house of men which consisted of the boy's father, uncle and 5 other brothers.

My first scene of the day would require me to be brought into the house by Aldawen. At the door, he would instruct me to take off my shirt, because all the men in the house are "hardworkers". Upon entering the house, I have to pretend or acted as if it's very hot in the house. The production assistant also sprayed some water on my forehead and body to show that I'm sweating, where in fact it was still cold at this time of the month in Berlin. To do this, I just imagined the hot giant lights on us and the camera rolling. There are not much dialogues in the film for me, most of the talking will be done by Aldawen and all I have to do is agree with him and nod my head. I got more scared when Aldawen took me to a sort of little tour of the house, before we go into his room. We visited the father's room, where he was reading the newspaper. This scene will have the father looking me up and down and agrees to let me stay in the house. Then to his uncle's room who is doing some exercises. This scene the uncle will instruct Aldawen to do some house chores and I will have to show I'm unhappy over the "heavy work" Aldawen was given. Finally to Aldawen's room. Here the shoot stopped for a break, and Wolfgang came and gave me some funny instructions. He said I will sit on Aldawen's bed, while he will take off his pants. At that point, I began to realise what sort of film this is going to be.

After explaining in detail that I will not go down under any men, or let any men come up from my behind, Wolfgang finally understood my standing. I did add that I don't mind do the kissing scene but not the more sexually explicit scenes. He respected that and said I will not get my full payment for the entire film, including the one shot at the island. I told him it's OK. Fortunately, he didnt force me to anything I don't want. It was very professional and I was told that my scene will be replaced by another Asian actor. I told him it's fine. The experience of this filming expedition was really fun yet eye-opening for me to know how Asian actors are perceived by some Europeans. I didn't intentionally express the sexy side in me, because it's all just natural. But it's time to bid adieu to the House of Shirtless Men.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The most controversial role in my career...yet.

I'm holding back my anger, as the doctor pulled herself away after explaning herself to the family members about the patient's kidney condition. When everybody left, I confronted the doctor head-on and gave her my piece of mind. I explained to her about the real world, in the effort to crush the fantasy she had created in order to create false hope. These are just one of many interesting scenes I'll be playing in the upcoming NTV7's new medical drama series titled "Ampang Medikal". My scene-stealer performance will be featured on the 10th Episode "Loyalty is An Under Rated Thing", where obviously the loyal person is me, where I'll be the main star for that episode. The series will premiere next month, August, if everything goes well.
You'll just have to watch it to believe it, because I never thought I would allow myself to play such a role because there's a controversial element to it. My character's name is Christien Liew, a tall, good-looking young man in his twenties, dressed in the latest metrosexual mode, so described by the script given. Well, I never thought of myself as that way before, always thinking myself more of as an Ah Beng (a normal Joe) and it was a pleasant surprise that someone actually believes that I could pull off such a charasmatic role. The director trusted in my abilities and respected my talent, that's probably why he entrusted me with such a gem of a role. It'll be good for my body of work, because now I can proudly say I've done pretty much everything in the world of acting. Is there anymore challenging role for me?
This is also another fine testament that I am a professional actor who'll do my best in whatever role any film director trusted me with, and I am not what this other director called as "nagging" or other negatives she might conjured to others. UPDATE: The premiere of this episode is on 14th October on NTV7.

Monday, June 23, 2008

How Does One Nagged When No Real Meeting Took Place?

There is this director I respected (notice the past tense). I don't know whether she's a nice person or not. She requested me to act in her new film, in which I immediately agreed due to the respect I had for her. 8 months later, with no communication whatsoever, not even a proper professional meeting or casting with me, she said I nagged at her! For God's sakes, we haven't even meet in person or talk face-to-face! What gives that person (no matter how great or many awards) the right to judge me and labelled me a nagger? So it looks like the big bullies the small.

This director stays behind her computer and writing and monitoring her blog, ever watchful of any bad comments while continuously advertising her accolades and so many awards week after week. And in the comments section, collecting compliments for her success. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, I even praised her and wish her well. With not much thanks in return, of course. The wrong thing is when she deleted the sections of my comment and making it seem like she's all correct! Worst, she labelled me as bitter and a nag. I respect that, because it's her blog. Now here in my blog, let me reveal the full extent of my comments. Here's how it looks like at the final touchdown with her before she bans me from her blog:

Laughs cynically. Kris, Idealist, the positive traits are innate! Peaceee!
jumpingjane Homepage 06.21.08 - 8:07 am #

We shared the same page, her sentimentalist and my idealist. (this comment she deleted from her blog)
Kris Law

ok, kris law. don't be bitter! try to wear a green boxer --it might help to calm you down
Yati Paseng 06.20.08 - 5:05 pm #

If I am bitter, then the storyteller is the biggest bitter of them all because she replaced my happiness with her bitterness. (this comment she also deleted)

(NOTE: This important section of her comments was deleted by her. What I remembers is she bullied my yellow shorts and me sending constantly sms-ing to her. Of course I have to, because there was no call from her to ask me to meet and talk about the film project! In fact, this shows how much dedication I wanted to put for her in the film and she cannot even see that. As days turns to months, which actor in his right mind is not worried??! At least when we meet, then we can talk and the director can explain what I must do. She judged me right away after reading my blog and accusing me for being a nagger. In person, I am as docile as a pet and able to take instructions and try my best to meet any director's demands. ONLY IF WE GET TO MEET IN PERSON AND DISCUSS. In which she did not even bother to do! The worst thing is, whenever I commented on her blog asking about the upcoming project, she kept quiet. Only when I expressed my dissatisfaction, then she began to say something and burst out with her snide comments. This director just don't understand proper communication with the actors, and straight away judge the actor without even humane meeting! Come on-la, if you think your actions are correct, then you don't have to hide away my comments. One tip: it only makes you looked more guilty)

jumpingjane Homepage 06.21.08 - 10:34 am #

Your belittling threats does not scare me, get it?
I'm not afraid of you and your fans here.
Kris Law

yasmin 06.21.08 - 11:09 am #

full mark~~!!
apiz Homepage 06.21.08 - 11:13 am


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Pan Jang"

I received fan emails almost everyday. One particular fan email caught my attention because the name is Panjang, (meaning long). Curious to know what's Panjang about this fan of mine, I quickly opened the email and pleasantly discovered that Panjang is actually an Orang Asli (indigenous people) who lives somewhere in the deep jungles of Sarawak! This is the wonder of technology where almost anyone in this world can connect with each other through Internet. Or maybe my fame does indeed spread far and wide, who knows, ceh > "syiok sendiri" (vanity)? In Panjang's email, he requested to meet me in person because he idolized me on TV and needed a "celebrity" tour guide in Kuala Lumpur for his coming visit. I kindly agreed and set the time, where I will greet Panjang at the arrival terminal of the airport. Actually, I was more curious to see Panjang in physical person.

Panjang arrived at the terminal with his head hidden by a giant placard carrying my name in big letters: KRIS LAW. That is the only way I could recognise him. When Panjang removed the placard from his face, I was surprised to see how his heights were, challenged. He must be 160cm tall or less, with tattoos all over his tanned little body. After smiling and welcoming him profusely to hide my amazement of his appearance, we were quickly off to the city for a little tour. Halfway through the tour, Panjang complained about his bad headache, "Bad headache. Must be dirty air". I knew what Panjang meant, because the air in the city is really so polluted compared to where Panjang came from: a pristine jungle hometown where the air is always clean and fresh.

I took Panjang to the nearest clinic where I registered my name at the counter for him. When the nurse finally called out my name, I escorted poor Panjang into the designated ward. A dozen of other waiting patients were staring at us as we walked through the corridor, probably surprised of the vast difference between my height and Panjang's short stature. When we were inside the room, I explained to the Punjabi lady doctor about Panjang's bad headache. The Punjabi doctor suddenly screamed "Panjang!!" when she read Panjang's name on the form, almost cracking the glass of water next to her. I politely excused myself out from the room as Panjang began to undress for his full-body examination. When I closed the door quietly behind me, I noticed that the dozen other waiting patients were startled and looking at me intently. Particularly the 2 ladies standing closest to where I was waiting, they were giggling to each other while eyeing me up and down, then slowly uttered "Paan-jaang..."

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"All is God"


"All is God"

God is against us,
what should we do?
God is against us,
should we be blue?

The world is cruel,
should we be cruel too?
Lives are endangered,
diseased with broken-heartedness.

God is cruel,
Consume all money,
God is cruel,
Left not one single penny.

I know it sounds hopelessly evil,
Inhaling air to make it veiled,
But every breath is painful,
Nothing left, only drowned loss' full.

Friends we know before,
Pretends not to know anymore,
The world is always taking more,
Returning nothing but sore.

God is cruel,
Breaks many hearts,
God is cruel,
Left many to smell fart.

The Skinny is strong,
The Fat is weak,
The in-betweens are helpless,
Left lonely to exist.

God is against us,
what should we do?
God is against us,
you're still doubting, are you?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"Insel der schönen Maide"

As an actor, I have a very simple principle. If anyone respects my talent, and offered me a job, then I will accept it and do the best I can, regardless of the part. There are few genuine offers nowadays, is either the director said something about giving you a part, then kept silent for long periods of time, which eventually leads to nowhere! How frustrating and unfair to the part of the actor who has openly agreed to accept it due to the respect given to that particular director. And I am talking only about the locals.

How refreshing it was when a director from Germany who offered me a part for his short film project. That's a different story. I met him one fine afternoon at the swimming pool. His name is Peter Wolfgang Schwirtz. I was in my swimming trunks and passed him several times, in which he gave me a smile. After a few laps, I came up all wet and he approached me with an offer. He introduced himself and explained his interest about seeing me in his film set on a beautiful island somewhere nearby Langkawi. It was an all-expense paid affair, and only takes about 3 days to complete shooting. He complimented me about my looks and said I have the "beauty of a woman with primal masculinity."

The trip to Langkawi was beautiful. At the airport, I met with 11 other girls who looks very Pan-Asian, but I suspect some to be Persian, all foreginers. We didn't talk much to each other, but I was the only male in the party. Wolfgang said the shoot is very private, and no pictures of the shooting location is allowed. I even have to get permission to write this in my blog, in which he agreed to as long as I keep the details general. The skeleton of the production crew consisted of 6 crew, all Germans. Everybody was very nice to each other, and talked mostly in English because no one understands each other's native language. The island was kept private and not revealed to all of the talents except it is owned by a rich local tycoon. I couldn't care to ask much, considering I am actually getting paid quite well for this acting part, which requires no speaking dialogue, only body language and expression.

Wolfgang already briefed me about the short film, which is going to be shown privately in Berlin for a rich businessman for his viewing pleasure, and to commemorate the death of his wife. Throughout the 2 days in the island, we stayed at this beautiful house, complete with Pinoy servants. The 11 girls were dressed quite revealingly and shot around the island. There weren't much storyline or dialogue in the film. My scene particularly has me in the neck chain, and wearing a leather and linen loin-cloth that makes me look like the Asian tarzan. My scene were mostly serving the maidens, played by the 11 girls. I have to pour olive oil on one girl named Tiger Lola and massage her scalp and hair. Other scenes I have crawl under a pile of leaves and embracing the ground in rapturous-like feeling, as directed by Wolfgang. I also have to dance around the fire, and roll myself around the mud. When there are close-ups, I would have to exaggerate my expressions like those done in the silent film era. It was fun and tiring at the same time, but hey, it's all work.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Holes in My Squares

Today I went for my massage by this blind masseur. He just opened his shop with his other friend who is also blind. To attract their customers, they got this on-going promotion, where each new customer will receive a card. For each visit, a hole will be punched into the card. The card consisted of 10 squares. If you've taken 10 massages from them, they will give you 1 free massage.

So the card is important to show the completed punched 10 holes in order to qualify the customer for their free massage. Since they are blind, I often reminded the masseur to punch the right hole correctly. This is because I want the free massage. I shouted, "Punch the hole correctly, ok!"

My fear came true, when the blind masseur punched the holes too close together, and not in the squares. So when I brought this up, the 2 of them laughed hysterically. I wonder what's the joke. And more importantly, what's wrong with the 2 of them!

The task of punching the hole in the card seem like an arduous task to them, judging from the time the blind masseur took to inspect my card and feeling his way through, then reaching for the puncher and measure the card. They also keep an extra card as a record for themselves, so that means they have to measure the 2 cards! When I found out, I asked them why they keep an extra card, and they said they're afraid their customers will punch the holes themselves without their knowledge, so as to unethically qualify them for the freebie. From that point on, they laughed! Probably relishing their clever scheme of having 2 identical cards.

The process will requires them to put the 2 cards together and slid it in the puncher to punch. Sometimes they missed the square and make a hole outside the square. As blind as they maybe, they can massage my whole body very well, but when it comes to a simple task like punching a hole in a square, they missed the mark. And laughed like 2 hysterical blind mices which makes me wonder even more.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thunder struck a building's rooftop afire the moment I wrote this.

Seriously, thunder struck outside my friend's office, where I wrote this piece. I was using my friend's computer at Masjik Jamek, just opposite Mydin. Suddenly, the lights went out! Everything, including the computer where I wrote this piece about colours all disappered! It happened at exactly 5.55pm today 6 April. My heart skipped a bit, because I really put in the thought in the writing. Thankfully, I got the piece out again the 2nd time. Phew...All praise to the heavenly power above for showing that you agree. Here's the piece:

When I was a boy I was Colour Blind. Even when my mother taught me about the different colours in the rainbow with a rotan in her fist, I was still Colour Blind. Until I was old enough to leave home, then only I allowed myself to be lured by the different wonderful colours of the rainbow, and loved them all so passionately even if they weren't originally from the rainbow spectrum, be it black or brown.

My colours are still blind even when each colour I came to love gravitated towards each other to form a group and left me out. This rejection left me to become this little lost blind colour roaming in the big blue sky, with the hope to be associated with any colour group.

Then one special day, I became well-known in the whole of the rainbow world and was associated with the brightest colour of them all: Yellow. Soon I began to see pictures, lots of pictures and was amazed. The amazement doesn't last long when I realised my colour came from one part of the rainbow that is dominant with only one colour in its pictures. Immediately like magic, my Colour Blindness was taken away from me by the Sun.

But I was lucky to occasionally spot some other colours in the big blue sky. The palate may still have its dominant scheme of browns, with a spot of yellow and black here and there. But I still pray to the almighty Sun, that it'll eventually become a beautiful rainbow again.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thank you for all your emails...and here's a respond.

I know you guys have been questioning me about my latest film project and also some personal questions (sorry, no comment for that one, hehehe!). Thank you very much for your emails, though I cannot reply to each one of you. But it means a lot to me for it shows your interest, no matter how small in my career development. I hope to be able to answer some of your questions thru my entry here.

The two directors are from Singapore and Australia. The Singaporean director is still in the script development stage for a new English-Hokkien-Cantonese comedy, and he already has me in his mind for developing one of the main characters. The Australian director is actually doing a telemovie here in Malaysia, in which it will be shown on Astro channel. I have already met the team and they were extremely pleasant and cordial to me.

Firstly, I am still in the negotiating process with several directors. I cannot divulge their names yet, because nothing is confirmed. I admit I have openly posted an entry on director Yasmin Ahmad's new film "Talentime", in which I have yet to receive any news from her except a word of her interest in seeing me perform. I have to keep that entry from public at the moment, because Yasmin has already got her main. And of course, I might not appear in her new film at all. It's harder for me to take on a film role if required to wear the yellow shorts. Some people hate me for no reason for this act. Maybe that's why it's so famous. The question is whether I could let myself go through this Yellow Shorts madness again.

Other than that, my schedule is filled with other non-entertainment related activities. For Josie's question about seeing me less now in Malay dramas, the answer is because I stopped taking bit parts. I do not wish to appear on TV for the sake of keeping a media presence. Come on, I am not desperate-la. I just have to be patient and discipline myself to becoming a more substantial actor with calibre. Even if I were to "disappear" entirely from the entertainment industry, because of not accepting bit parts and appearances, so be it. It's time for me to move on and grow. And no, Aboy, I don't like to think about enemies and betrayal. I am too small a person to have any real enemies.

Thank you again, for your emails. Please keep sending me for I love to hear your comments. For new actors, if you need my help, I will try my best to match you with the right contacts, though please don't expect an immediate response for any job. I know some of you get to know about me because of your friends' reference whom I have helped in getting some acting jobs in the past. But I cannot guarantee the same will happen to you, only I will try. I got a case with this female talent who hated me for no reason because she didn't make it thru the audition and concocted all sort of stories which involved her sister along. As talents, winning and losing a job is part of the learning process, and you cannot blame anyone for your own shortcomings. For those who are new to this blog, thank you for visiting and if you wish to reach me, you can email to

Saturday, March 8, 2008

I worked heart and soul to make Yellow Shorts a recognisable brand.

I was once interviewed by a group of university students who wanted me to explain the significance of the "Yellow Shorts Mania" (coined by the university students, not me) to the local popular culture, as one of their case studies. It was a surpise to me, because I never could imagine that I would become a case study being studied in a test tube and being broken down to pieces to be examined.
Well, as humbly as i could, I told them it was simply an act of differention. I was an advertising student before, and I know how hard it is to create a brand. Without sounding pompous or self-centred, I wrote to these university students that somehow a mere and extremely normal mortal like myself, needs something bigger than myself in order to achive any means of impression to the audience at large. Hence, branding is the key.

A brand, in its simplest term, is something that everyone remembers. When I was at the devising stage, I wanted a brand that everyone could connect in some way, be it emotional, physical, even spiritual. I also wants the brand to be expressed SIMPLY, meaning that it requires no elaboration of whatsoever, and it got me thinking in visual terms. Words are good when you want to explain in more details about the brand, but VISUAL is actually more powerful because it can crossed over any language or perception barriers. Finally, I want the brand to be able to evolve and able to adapts to CHANGE.

After all the above has been straightened out, now I need to attach meanings and emotions to the brand. In other words, how would the audience respond to it. Now, these could only happen when the brand becomes famous. The good thing about fame is, the brand will be able to assess the emotions. The Yellow Shorts actually encompassed a wide spectrum of emotions. Below are the recorded responses:

LOVE: The colour, HATE: The dance act, HAPPY: The colour of brightness, HUMOUR: The dance act, BRAVE: Performed on TV, POLITICAL: Sexual in its nature, SINCERITY: Because of the truth of the performance with no intentions to insult anyone except for the person wearing it...and etc. All in all, to create a shining brand requires heart and soul. To explain these, is a bit tricky because it requires a form of sensitivity depth that is able to see the environment in which the brand is currently living in and what it seeks to achieve from its branding.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Yellow Tolerant vs. Yellow Intolerant

I usually walk at my favourite shortcuts on the way out from home. Secret paths no one knows about and where the space to manuever seems easier, less crowded, because I'm usually being stopped and sometimes being crowded by some fans who knew me from my Yellow Shorts fame or some TV commercials I've done. But on one unexpected day, my secret path was blocked! I was busy talking on my handphone when I suddenly found myself stuck on some kind of sticky giant banner, like a poor ant in the web of a black widow. That's right folks, the election campaign is here. The current governing party seems to be everywhere! On television, on billboards, even at the step of my secret pathway! Who can blame them for their "super media presence", when they have the money to buy expensive airtime?

But the question still remains on the people. Will Malaysians be easily influenced by all the political messages on television, especially, since it's the only medium that reaches the most people? Only the current governing party seem to be advertising on TV, for the rest of the opposing parties, they remain their advertising on cheap street banners, mobile vehicles and of course, the most hardest form of reaching to the supporters: face-to-face meet and greet sessions. Why, if I am a politician I will definitely use this grounded technique. But how effective is it to gain the support needed in these meet and greet sessions, when the current ruling party is using TV, radio, giant billboards: rationalising the financial side of the economy, of how much they have done to the education system, maintaining the prices of essential items, and free education?

Speaking of education, what sort of education are we looking at anyway? Personally, I come from such education system, and find myself constantly fearful of offending the other races. I have been conditioned to be mindful, or more like fearful: always respect other races and traditions, always defending the religion and harmony and peacefulness, but to what consequences? Isn't these the exact same siren call 5 years ago? Why do I still find myself in such fearful state whenever I'm among other Malaysians even after that? What is the cause of my silent fearfulness, if it's not from the current ruling party? Man, I want to be able to walk and act in whatever ways I feel good about myself, without having anyone banning me for doing a harmless thing like dancing in my yellow shorts. Our fear seem to stem from the almost gangster-ish tone and manner from the various demanding sanctions threatening us, the people not to do this and that for the fear of, dot dot dot. Again, the power of fear is used upon us blindingly. Come on, this is no gangsta country. I was at the cafetaria today, and notice an old man having his meal rather oddly and difficult. He never stops spitting at the floor each time he took a bite of his food. I wonder how am I going to eat, watching him does that in a cafetaria! The rest of the patrons just ignored him and go on with whatever they are doing, unperturbed with his unhygienic act.

So is it time to change the old dogs with their old tricks and let in the new pups? Well, the choice is made by individuals like myself. I don't want to be afraid anymore, and being stuck in a system of holier-than-thou attitude in a society that is becoming more condemning and intolerant of harmless little stuff like my yellow shorts. God, stop acting like you're better than me. In one of my many secret fantasies, I was in a public gathering of a political campaign in my yellow shorts. After the "holier-than-thou" speech was made and everyone was clapping, I took off my shorts and aim it at the speaker's face and elastic it. Well, this is only a form of fantasy. And many of us lack the sense of humor to see through that, believe me. Again, lack sense of humor = extreme seriousness = death of expression = intolerance. Now is this the right formula? We have political parties with the blue, green and white colours. Yellow was never meant to be political, mind you, but free from all things political. Yellow to me is freedom of expression.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

To break or not to break the glass?

Some of my fans (they are also my friends!) had advised me to be cautious of accepting movie offers that requires me to wear the Yellow Shorts for fear of being ridiculed by certain people.
When you feature the Yellow Shorts on film...
*you are featuring a pop image familiar to millions.
*you are owning part of the rights of an icon.
*you automatically have ready box-office demand.
*you are already making film history everyone will remember for years and years to come.

Do you guys know I won the first prize championship in my school's singing contest? I had such fond memories of those days, and how I sang my heart out. The song was Disney's animated movie Alladin's "A Whole New World". I was also the school's head tenor for the choir group and won first prize in the inter-school choir group singing contest. I still have the trophy and certificate for both tournaments.

Just to clear some airs, I DID NOT join any reality show competition this year and last year after much dissapointment. I promised myself to steer clear of any reality shows or any association with it, and concentrate on building a solid acting record, which I did. The Yellow Shorts which made me famous is now safely and beautifully framed to remind me of my early struggling and glory days. At times I feel that God is mocking me whenever I ate alone at a restaurant or sitting alone in the train, witnessing a father and son together, a bond & example which I never had the chance to emulate from. The feeling of loss is suddenly lifted when Yasmin asked me to dance (hopefully more than that) in her new film.

Obviously, the offer to dance is not uncommon to me. I have had many offers from directors to dance "silly" or "crazy" for their films, which I immediately refused! Mainly because I don't want to be typecast in a certain way. In some directors' cases, they even threatened to blacklist me if I don't do what they want. I want to act. A want which does not comes by as many as the dance part, unfortunately. Wanting to put my dancing days behind me for good, I immediately cleaned my Yellow Shorts in the best water and detergent money can buy, and blow dry it squeaky clean. Then I sent it to my friend (who is a frame-maker at Masjid Jamek) and have it put into the best-quality glass container (sub-vacuum) with crystal-like effects whenever a light is directed onto the 24 carat gold-enamel coated mahogany-wooden frame.

But seems I have to break this precious glass frame, after receiving an offer from the distinguished director Yasmin Ahmad for her film "Talentime". Gosh, I cannot tell you guys how much experience and memory I can contribute to her new film, which I'm sure will be another great story everyone can relate to, especially myself.

"I'll do anything for Yasmin Ahmad" Yes indeed. Even if it's not the main actor role, I can still do well in supporting. But really, I want to showcase my acting abilities in her film. That's why I've been bidding and emailed her my latest sexy pictures so she can see the other side of me. I know how people in the film industry perceived me, and it's not pretty. Sometimes, no matter how much hard work I put in and how hard & little I'm earning peanuts, I still feel something is lacking. Maybe my looks and the "funny" guy character impression people have of me. Look at the commercials I've done. Or maybe Malaysians in general, cannot see more than that, and feel safe to just stereotype? Well, I'm sure Yasmin Ahmad is NOT one of them! She's so respected in her films (there must be a better reason to this, besides her so many awards), and coming from an "underdog" background, I can vouch the reason she asked me to be in her new film means she sees something different in me, and not just my Yellow Shorts-magnified glittery facade. But if she wants me to don that super-tight yet controversial & world famous piece of clothing, I'll do it! I assume the compensation for wearing the Yellow Shorts again will surely be more than expected. With my Yellow Shorts, bouncy bottom and incredible acting skills in her hands, I know she'll do it with such class and won't be in any way shame or degrade me. Will she? What the heck, give me the hammer, goddamnit!