Sunday, January 6, 2008

To break or not to break the glass?

Some of my fans (they are also my friends!) had advised me to be cautious of accepting movie offers that requires me to wear the Yellow Shorts for fear of being ridiculed by certain people.
When you feature the Yellow Shorts on film...
*you are featuring a pop image familiar to millions.
*you are owning part of the rights of an icon.
*you automatically have ready box-office demand.
*you are already making film history everyone will remember for years and years to come.

Do you guys know I won the first prize championship in my school's singing contest? I had such fond memories of those days, and how I sang my heart out. The song was Disney's animated movie Alladin's "A Whole New World". I was also the school's head tenor for the choir group and won first prize in the inter-school choir group singing contest. I still have the trophy and certificate for both tournaments.

Just to clear some airs, I DID NOT join any reality show competition this year and last year after much dissapointment. I promised myself to steer clear of any reality shows or any association with it, and concentrate on building a solid acting record, which I did. The Yellow Shorts which made me famous is now safely and beautifully framed to remind me of my early struggling and glory days. At times I feel that God is mocking me whenever I ate alone at a restaurant or sitting alone in the train, witnessing a father and son together, a bond & example which I never had the chance to emulate from. The feeling of loss is suddenly lifted when Yasmin asked me to dance (hopefully more than that) in her new film.

Obviously, the offer to dance is not uncommon to me. I have had many offers from directors to dance "silly" or "crazy" for their films, which I immediately refused! Mainly because I don't want to be typecast in a certain way. In some directors' cases, they even threatened to blacklist me if I don't do what they want. I want to act. A want which does not comes by as many as the dance part, unfortunately. Wanting to put my dancing days behind me for good, I immediately cleaned my Yellow Shorts in the best water and detergent money can buy, and blow dry it squeaky clean. Then I sent it to my friend (who is a frame-maker at Masjid Jamek) and have it put into the best-quality glass container (sub-vacuum) with crystal-like effects whenever a light is directed onto the 24 carat gold-enamel coated mahogany-wooden frame.

But seems I have to break this precious glass frame, after receiving an offer from the distinguished director Yasmin Ahmad for her film "Talentime". Gosh, I cannot tell you guys how much experience and memory I can contribute to her new film, which I'm sure will be another great story everyone can relate to, especially myself.

"I'll do anything for Yasmin Ahmad" Yes indeed. Even if it's not the main actor role, I can still do well in supporting. But really, I want to showcase my acting abilities in her film. That's why I've been bidding and emailed her my latest sexy pictures so she can see the other side of me. I know how people in the film industry perceived me, and it's not pretty. Sometimes, no matter how much hard work I put in and how hard & little I'm earning peanuts, I still feel something is lacking. Maybe my looks and the "funny" guy character impression people have of me. Look at the commercials I've done. Or maybe Malaysians in general, cannot see more than that, and feel safe to just stereotype? Well, I'm sure Yasmin Ahmad is NOT one of them! She's so respected in her films (there must be a better reason to this, besides her so many awards), and coming from an "underdog" background, I can vouch the reason she asked me to be in her new film means she sees something different in me, and not just my Yellow Shorts-magnified glittery facade. But if she wants me to don that super-tight yet controversial & world famous piece of clothing, I'll do it! I assume the compensation for wearing the Yellow Shorts again will surely be more than expected. With my Yellow Shorts, bouncy bottom and incredible acting skills in her hands, I know she'll do it with such class and won't be in any way shame or degrade me. Will she? What the heck, give me the hammer, goddamnit!