Friday, February 29, 2008

Yellow Tolerant vs. Yellow Intolerant

I usually walk at my favourite shortcuts on the way out from home. Secret paths no one knows about and where the space to manuever seems easier, less crowded, because I'm usually being stopped and sometimes being crowded by some fans who knew me from my Yellow Shorts fame or some TV commercials I've done. But on one unexpected day, my secret path was blocked! I was busy talking on my handphone when I suddenly found myself stuck on some kind of sticky giant banner, like a poor ant in the web of a black widow. That's right folks, the election campaign is here. The current governing party seems to be everywhere! On television, on billboards, even at the step of my secret pathway! Who can blame them for their "super media presence", when they have the money to buy expensive airtime?

But the question still remains on the people. Will Malaysians be easily influenced by all the political messages on television, especially, since it's the only medium that reaches the most people? Only the current governing party seem to be advertising on TV, for the rest of the opposing parties, they remain their advertising on cheap street banners, mobile vehicles and of course, the most hardest form of reaching to the supporters: face-to-face meet and greet sessions. Why, if I am a politician I will definitely use this grounded technique. But how effective is it to gain the support needed in these meet and greet sessions, when the current ruling party is using TV, radio, giant billboards: rationalising the financial side of the economy, of how much they have done to the education system, maintaining the prices of essential items, and free education?

Speaking of education, what sort of education are we looking at anyway? Personally, I come from such education system, and find myself constantly fearful of offending the other races. I have been conditioned to be mindful, or more like fearful: always respect other races and traditions, always defending the religion and harmony and peacefulness, but to what consequences? Isn't these the exact same siren call 5 years ago? Why do I still find myself in such fearful state whenever I'm among other Malaysians even after that? What is the cause of my silent fearfulness, if it's not from the current ruling party? Man, I want to be able to walk and act in whatever ways I feel good about myself, without having anyone banning me for doing a harmless thing like dancing in my yellow shorts. Our fear seem to stem from the almost gangster-ish tone and manner from the various demanding sanctions threatening us, the people not to do this and that for the fear of, dot dot dot. Again, the power of fear is used upon us blindingly. Come on, this is no gangsta country. I was at the cafetaria today, and notice an old man having his meal rather oddly and difficult. He never stops spitting at the floor each time he took a bite of his food. I wonder how am I going to eat, watching him does that in a cafetaria! The rest of the patrons just ignored him and go on with whatever they are doing, unperturbed with his unhygienic act.

So is it time to change the old dogs with their old tricks and let in the new pups? Well, the choice is made by individuals like myself. I don't want to be afraid anymore, and being stuck in a system of holier-than-thou attitude in a society that is becoming more condemning and intolerant of harmless little stuff like my yellow shorts. God, stop acting like you're better than me. In one of my many secret fantasies, I was in a public gathering of a political campaign in my yellow shorts. After the "holier-than-thou" speech was made and everyone was clapping, I took off my shorts and aim it at the speaker's face and elastic it. Well, this is only a form of fantasy. And many of us lack the sense of humor to see through that, believe me. Again, lack sense of humor = extreme seriousness = death of expression = intolerance. Now is this the right formula? We have political parties with the blue, green and white colours. Yellow was never meant to be political, mind you, but free from all things political. Yellow to me is freedom of expression.