Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Eliminate the fear of being unpopular

Popularity breeds conformity. Conformity breeds dullness. Dullness makes an artiste boring. Worst, INVISIBLE!

You know when a popular artiste wears his hair in the archie way, everyone seems to follow the style? Soon, when everybody does it, it gets so common.

Another example: Ever been in a group when during a conversation, a person agrees on one point, everyone else is supposedly forced to agree on that point?

Have you guys watch the local awards show? People in the industry always say popularity is very important to an artiste's career. What do you think? (post your comments here, and let's debate) I do agree that popularity helps a LITTLE for the new artiste to jumpstart a career. But again, it does not guarantee quality. Soon, when you are chasing to be popular, you forget the meaning of your work.

This is another disease of our industry: the importance placed on popularity. Again how does one define popularity is up to anyone's guesses. What is popularity, according to an artiste's definition? Does it mean being on the cover of a magazine every month? Being talked about? Why no one ever thought the other side: unpopularity? Heck, even unpopular people are famous! Look at rock stars who are so against the mainstream like Kiss. Look at film directors who goes against the conventions in stylistics and story-telling, like Wong Kar Wai. Hey, unpopularity DOES has its value.

So for artistes out there who thinks they are not popular like their contemporaries, doubt not. You are just as deserving to be in the spotlight as they do. Only when you find what makes you unpopular. You have to own it and make it your own. That can be tricky and needs an outside opinion to help you identify that, mould it and makes it work for you.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

One of my successful students who made it on this month's cover magazine

She's determined and disciplined. And with proper training and education (that's what she's getting now with our Artiste Training Course) she now appears on the cover of magazine and is doing runway shows for event. She's not your typical model, but one that aspires to be. I decided to post her cover for this month's Marketplace magazine cover, as a great example of what a good education can do for any aspiring artistes. The fact is, you do need EDUCATION in one form in order to succeed in any field, especially in the artiste world.

A lot of students come and enquire me "What can I get from your course?". And I told them squarely the answer "An education. Full stop". A majority of these so-called "students" actually wants to get a job right away when they are deciding whether to take our Artiste Training Course. I have to be clear to you, I'm sorry, that's NOT going to happen so fast. Guys, artiste world is paved with heartaches. Don't think you can get a lucrative job right away upon joining our course. What we can offer you is an education and hopefully some wisdom you can use in toughening yourself in a harsh world out there. Yes, it's very harsh. You'll face all kinds of discrimations in terms of your looks and criticisms on your attitude and such. A little bit of success like gaining a cover for a magazine can help. After that, you still need more work.

An emotional journey, not many can endure...
An artiste life is extremely emotional, whether you like it or not. It's not so much about dealing with your emotions, rather, it's expressing it the best way you know how. And for that, you'll have to bear the labels people put on you. People who are non-artiste. It's because of these uneducated fools (oh, there's so many of them in our industry) who thinks they know everything. Feelings are complicated stuff, that sometimes an artiste just has to let it go out LOUD, in order to be heard. You keep the feelings inside, and you risk burning a hole in your heart and suffer in silence.

But an EDUCATION can help you see through all and helps you focus on the important stuff. And see the results from an education. My student here on the cover of a magazine! Truly priceless.