Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Boastfulness: A matter of what and why.

Boastfulness. A quality particularly rampant in our industry. Everybody does it. We boast about the beauty of our country. Car salesman boast the engine of their cars. Mothers boast about the success of their children in school. Women boast about their experiences, good and bad. Men boast about their achievements, extraordinary and sometimes really insignificant. Singers boast about the awards they won. Actors boast about the films they were in. And film directors boast about their international projects. For artistes, boastfulness transforms into self-promotion.

The reason people boasts differ. Some boasts to ace the job interview. To win the heart of a girl. And the worst reason of all: to show how good they are. Showing other how good you are in your job is not a bad thing. But the reason of it is to illicit some form of admiration or jealousy can be potentially dangerous. Now to all aspiring artistes here reading, I sincerely advise you to be careful of what you boasts. Doesn't mean you had starred in this number of commercials, you are already qualified for the job. I have students and talents who come for casting, showing me their certicates and "awards" in gaining the title of best actor in their school/college plays. But when in actual audition, this talent forgot his script and gave no portrayal of the character in any way at all. A little bit of SELF-DOUBT is good for you. And why?

Self-doubt automatically makes you THINK. To have different perspectives of what your capabilities really are. It also makes you open to other people's ideas. When you are boastful, your mind only works in one direction: relishing the joy of how superior you are towards others. It doesn't encourage you to cooperate and understand what the other party is saying. Some people boasts to hurt other people's reputation. And that is the worst form of boasting of all. Because it hides under the pretense of success. The sort of success preached in our fame-crazed media. And before you know it: the things you boast about doing suddenly becomes obsolete because of some drastic changes (beyond any human control like an act of God)such as death or loss of funds etc.

In conclusion, to boast what you had accomplished in the past is only good when you add a bit more self-examination in the way you present it (that's where our Artiste Training Course will help you). And to boast what you're going to achieve in the future should be anchored strongly with caution and humility because the future is not in our hands.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

"You know exactly how I feel" ~ Nor

I love to bring all my students to special castings whenever there's a chance. Recently, I took a few of my students for a very popular malay drama casting. I got one particular student name Nor. She's a wonderful student and really take instructions well. Another one of my student, Zul came late, because he got lost, causing the whole group to be late for an hour. A good lesson for those of you who are joining in a group casting: ALWAYS BE ON TIME. I've already informed Zul ahead of time about where to meet, so that should able him to search for the place.

Upon arrival of the casting office, I met some of my ex-students, who have become working artistes in their own rights. One artiste name Mimi was there, and I was very happy to see how well she is and the work she's been doing. I've helped her clinch her first beauty product endorsement and now she's an artiste. We talked, and before leaving, she requested me to send her for commercial jobs if any. Will take note. The other talents I've met also come to me with similar requests: commercial jobs.

It got me thinking, what is the appeal of being in a TV commercial? One thing: the level of pay for a majority of commercial jobs at this time are not up to par. Secondly, it's extremely specific profile for any kind of commercial jobs, which means not everyone can be in commercial. Thirdly, the competition for commercial jobs are very stiff. Again, the ability of properly adjusting and matching your skill levels as an artiste to the industry needs is not yet present among the talents I met at the audition that day.

Before I send my student Nor for the recorded casting, I took her aside and coached her in her script. I understand she's very new (just into her 3rd week of class with me), and there's a lot of understanding involved in interpreting a script. Thank goodness, in that short time I managed to help her focus on understanding what the script demands. She was very happy with her audition. After the casting, I looked at her and advised her not to think about the audition anymore. What is done is done. I told her that her first audition with me should inspire her to go for more auditions in the future. She turned to me, smiled and said I knew exactly what she was feeling.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

How to lose weight mentally

It's all in your head! I have students who come to me with their insecurities about their bodies. Hey, who doesn't? I told them they should love their bodies as they were. Thank god more for giving a young body that still functions. Have you seen immobile elderly folks in the hospital?

Of course the demands of our artiste industry is such that you need to have a good body. Depending on which artiste field you want to venture, 70 percent of the time, you need to have a good looking body (for boys and girls). You'll be surprised too that some of the good-looking bodied talents come to me and say they look fat. I told them, IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD!

I also got other talents with more than proportionate body and they don't seem to complain at all. They are just happy the way they are. And that's a healthy attitude to have. But my advise to aspiring artistes in this group is: try to attain a more presentable body proportions if possible. It's a very physical world out there. First impressions are always on the whole body. For those on the plus-size, I advise them to straighten their spine and walk straight, so as to cover their other sides that is "overflowing".

Another tip I can give to those who wants to lose some weight is to wear your clothes A SIZE SMALLER. You may feel tight, but that really push a warning button in your head whenever you feel like going out to eat more fatty, fried foods. Especially your intimates (meaning your undies) because that clothing part is most attached to your waistline.

See, you don't have to resort to plastic surgery or such. And oops, one more point. Try to EXERCISE whenever possible. You don't have to jog up the hill or lift weights. The purpose of exercise to force you to take in LONG DEEP BREATHS. Becaue through that, you really burn those fats away. Just simply choose to walk instead of driving to your friend's place, unless it's very far. Drink plenty of water and cut down the smoking.

In conclusion, it's all in your head! When you choose to consciously lose weight and visualise a healthy body, naturally you will become. No fret...and take it easy. Here, now you know my secrets.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

People has got to KNOW YOU!

The life of an artiste is extremely dependent on KNOWLEDGE. Yes, a fact so many new and aspiring artistes deny. Knowledge in the arts. Knowledge in presenting yourself. Knowledge in acting. Knowledge in communication. In a nutshell, to jumpstart a career in artiste you'll simply have to learn.

Let's investigate why so many aspiring artistes don't want or failed to learn. I have to admit that in our industry, it is not nurturing by nature. NURTURANCE is a form of positive building and enhancing relationship with the person in achieving his/her goals in life. Now if you watch any current reality show, you will witness a majority of these so-called "mentors" or "judges" actually tears down the artiste's aspirations. Maybe they don't have good parents.

Another more important reason is because new artistes want to be known quickly, to be famous quickly and just thinking fame is a quick way to call themselves "artiste". Being famous is not bad a thing. A great thing, in fact! But how long do you think that will lasts? Remember: if you want to be known quickly, you'll be forgotten just as fast. Fame is a double edged sword. People will recognise you, doesn't mean they will like you. How are you going to handle that? Knowledge.

Once knowledge is with you, then your work really starts. And what is that one extreme important work? Getting people to KNOW you! Can you see the correlation now? KNOWLEDGE and KNOWING you? It comes from the same root word: KNOW. Hence, to be able to call yourself a true artiste, people has just got to pay attention to YOU! If not, you will cease to exist in the artiste world. Start now by getting the knowledge first. That will give you a strong foundation in dealing whatever circumstances in life as an artiste.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Becoming a Malaysian artiste is super "fun"!

Yes indeed. Firstly, to qualify yourself to be an artiste: be sure to come from a super clean family background. Better still, if one of your mother or father or any of your relatives is or used to be an artiste. Next, you need to possess the right looks: for the girl must be fair complexion, long lustrous hair and slim with round hips and boobies. For the guy, your tall height is a plus, your body muscular and hunky. Lastly, be sure your attitude is right and never ever get yourself caught in any controversy whatsoever! Be careful of who you date and make sure you're not caught in seclusion with the opposite sex. Or in this ultra conservative times (in Malaysia), the same sex! Don't go party late in night, got drunk and end up in a sex party. Or get your names printed on the tabloids everywhere. Don't divorce your husband or wife after you're an artiste, for fear of being called ungrateful or "sudah lupa diri". If anybody approaches you and he or she is a datuk/datin (someone with title), be sure to stay at minimal contact with that person. You don't want to be labelled as someone's anak ikan/artis simpanan (kept artiste). Always be courteous to the press, even when they asked you personal questions. All in all, just be nice to everyone else and not yourself.

Sounds tiresome isn't it? How many of us mortal folks here can decide where we come from? Especially our family background? Even more impossible is our physical attributes. So if you're a bit on the plus-size, you should forget your dream? Let me refute that claim "NO WAY!" I am telling you that YOU can be a great artiste just being who you are, despite your personal preference, be it your sexuality, your date, family background and physical attributes.

I assure you that with your talents alone you can go far. But before that, you need to discover what talents God has given you. No point saying "I want to be an artiste" but not knowing (with strong conviction and faith) what your real talents are. You need some form of guidance and outline in helping you venture into this super "fun" world we in Malaysia called "artiste". Hey, the good thing about joining us is: we have NO criteria whatsoever to accept you and help you in fulfilling your dream! At the least, along the way in learning to be an artiste, you'll truly experience the REAL fun we all had in our current artiste training sessions. So ready to put on your fun cap for Artiste Training Course?