Thursday, October 8, 2009

Everybody needs a teacher!

A lot of people think they can just jump into any industry, especially artiste world, without any guidance whatsoever. They think all they need is their looks and talent. How wrong they are! As you can see in the picture, this famous director was my mentor. The time this picture was taken was way back in 2000, way before this film director directed any feature films (except for commercials of course & notice how different I look back then).

In a people-oriented industry, every aspiring artiste must break their idealistic view that only their looks and talents can take them far. It's virtually impossible! There are simply so many lessons one must learn in their journey towards becoming an established artiste. Note the word "established", not simply any fly-by-night artiste. Giving due credit, I cannot blame for this mentality of looks and talents alone can take you far. I see so many young artistes who appears on television. Fresh new faces that come and gone just as fast. What happen to them all?

There are moments when you shine. The secret is to keep on shining, even when the world no longer take notice of you. Take the time to learn. New knowledge leads to new possibilities. Artistes who strives to learn new knowledge are the ones that will continue to shine in their own way, even when the world no longer cares about them.

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