Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How does the main star of a big brand commercial project feels like

Imagine being the main star of a big brand commercial project. Over 44 people at any given time running here and there on set, with you being the sole centre of attention. The lights are always on you. The camera is always in front of you. The director or someone else will tell you to move this way or that. Your every move, gesture and expression means something onscreen. Make-up artiste will come and touch up your face every few seconds during shoot. And you think you as the main star, just sit there and look pretty? Far, far from it.

Sleep early, wake up even earlier
A day before this commercial shoot, I couldn't sleep at all! In fact, I was rolling in my bed, thinking about the expressions to execute and the briefing of the assistant director. Then at 5.45am, I woke up, bleary eyed, had my little breakfast and waited for my transport. That's why so many artistes love to sleep late, and woke up even much much later, sometimes in the afternoon.

With big stardom comes bigger responsibility
If you're new in this industry, you may think Malaysians will go waaa, or aaa seeing the main star. Actually in reality, everyone is busy doing their work. So don't expect a big wet hug or pats on the back from fans or screaming adoration on set. Since I'm the main star, it's even more important for me to be focus on my work and knowing what scenes are next to be shot. Being focus is key, because I'm setting an example for everyone around me.

Why being focus is important
It's because there's simply too many distractions on set. If you're a new talent, you may fall into the trap of talking or mingling too much with your co-stars and extras. A few of the extras recognised my face from my past acting and came and approached me. I'm a friendly person by nature, and smiled. My advice: don't talk too much. Reason because most of these people may not really want to know you as a person, but rather ask you personal questions like how much you make and how you come to get the job. Waste of time and energy, when you should really channel all of it to your performance when the cameras are rolling, right?

It's all hard work, ability to take instructions well & then some
So all in all, being the main star of any production requires plenty of hard work. Because so much money is put on you and the production. Because you have to keep everyone's spirits up through your performance, since the hours are extremely long. And because the end results (the commercial) will truly reflects your worth and quality as the main star. And then some.

Hey, whoever says training is not important shall not stand a chance to be a main star.