Sunday, June 13, 2010

You're 23 only once, so why worry?

Doesn't matter how old you are, be it 43, 33 or 23. Do you know that you only go through your current age only ONCE? You're never going to be the same age as you are again, come next year. NEVER. That's how time move. It doesn't wait for you or care about your worry.

I had the most insightful conversation with a new student today. He has dreams of becoming an artiste. Of course, now he's working in a job that makes him feel like the walking dead. I told him that the fact that he's working it's great that he's getting a monthly salary. But he's not happy. He wanted to pursue the life of an artiste and expressed his many concerns, in which I would like to share here, with the hope that other followers here may get some answers to their questions too.

Family objection (be it your father or fiancee)
He was very concerned of his family's objection of him becoming an artiste. Like I told all new students, they should take it easy. It doesn't mean once you take the Artiste Training Course, you would become an artiste immediately. This course functions as a knowledge base where you would gain an understanding of becoming an artiste. And you need to, if you treat artiste work as being PROFESSIONAL.(I know there's a lot of people who don't think so, sad to say. Thanks to the bad picture painted in the local tabloids) His family members should not worry about him becoming an artiste, because he isn't one....yet. Just inform your concerned family members that you are merely trying to learn new skills. Remember: the new skills you learned in Artiste Training Course can be applied in your daily life too, be it professional or personal.

Career future - yes or no?
The second concern is whether he might have a career as artiste in Malaysia. In my Artiste Training Course, I will be very realistic with each of my students' capabilities assessment. Depending on how much DRIVE they have, not all can carve out a career. On the safe side, I advise my students who are currently working, to maintain their jobs. Don't quit your job and immediately hope to get an artiste career. For those who are unemployed and seeking a career as artiste, my advise is to start your own business first (not related to artiste). Any type of small business will do, say sell nasi lemak or be a taxi driver. At least this small business of yours is able to give you time flexibility in pursuing your artiste career, unlike a rigid office job where your free time is controlled by your boss.

Money - it'll always come back.
A lot of artistes in Malaysia aren't rich. Even the famous ones. Except if you are married or related to a datuk or someone financially stable. But you do able to get some income in your chosen artiste life. It's the satisfaction you get when you see your work displayed in the media. I know a lot of the general public dislike Malaysian artiste, due to the popularity of tabloid media. From this built-up dislike, a lot of our films and music aren't that profitable. I really do feel sad for my student whom his girlfriend threaten to break-up with him if he were to become an artiste. I say, if your loved ones can't support you for what you do, you can always find someone else who do. Just don't torture yourself. If you want to do something, do it all the way.

If any of you guys have questions to ask me about life as an artiste, feel free to pop your question here and I will try to answer to my best ability.

The Importance of Being Represented

All the big-name artistes/stars must have representation. Talent representation means you are being marketed & promoted professionally to various clients (corporate, production companies, TV stations, ad agencies, media etc) for work. Talent representation is especially important to new aspiring artistes who are just starting their careers.

What should I call myself? Talent or Artiste?
Now, as new talents you must be clear of what to call and not to call yourself. If you're just starting out in the industry, the proper term is "talent". You must not go and advertise yourself as "artiste" if you have not done any work in actual stage performance, media performance (TV, radio, print) etc. If you have just done only 1 actual stage performance, some talents are not comfortable with the term "artiste". But to be on the safe side, an artiste should at least garnered an interview with the media journalist which is published on magazine, newspaper or TV.

The difference between Representation and Agency
A new talent must get some form of representation. Representation means your talent will be marketed and promoted to the appropriate key industry people. But don't fall into the trap, thinking that when you're under a talent agency, you're represented. Talent agents are more agressive in getting jobs and a commission from your work in a short term period. Talent representation is more on the long term: a talent rep will stay with you, guide you, coach you in the right manner, attend auditions with you and speak on your behalf for any enquiries during interviews. A talent representation gives you a more professional image during any castings or auditions.

IMPORTANT: Talent representation only works successfully IF the talent is committed to attending the meetings/auditions arranged for. If not, this partnership will FAIL.

Our Artiste Training Course is highest quality ensured when upon completion our course, the best students will be awarded 1-year of our industry-best representation. This means we will start making you well-known among important key industry people. But only when you have the goods to back you up. Artiste Training Course ensures you got the goods.