Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kek Cokelat Putih Kacang Makadamia - Sekeping Syurga dalam Mulut Penat Lelat

Sedapnya kek ini! Yelah, satu hari pergi hadir 2 sesi ujibakat bagi komersil iklan. Bangun awal lagi tuh. Rasanya, saya perlu hadiahkan diri saya ni yang telah susah payah (self-reward). Semua artis mesti berbuat begini, agar you tak cepat putus asa. Betul, dengar cakap Kris la. Dunia hiburan kita ni banyak kekecewaannya. Kecewa dari segi bayarannya. Kecewa dari segi cara layanan bakatnya. Kecewa orang tak kenal bakat kita dan kecewa macam-macam lagi la. Bukan setiap ujibakat yang dihadiri ini pasti berjaya dapat. Ini pula komersil bagi jenama besar seperti syarikat telekomunikasi dan restoran kopi yang banyak cawangannya tu.

Pendek ke panjang?
Bukan itu je, waktu sesi ujibakat yang pertama kat Damansara Kim, terdapat satu "kejutan" pula! Dah lama la Kris ni hadir ujibakat pakai casual je, tetiba casting person ini cakap ada seluar panjang ke tak. Berani pula dia kata seluar Kris ini pendek. Hehehe, ye lah, tau Kris ini mula-mula "popular" dengan seluar pendek, tapi seluar yang pakai masa ujibakat tu pun tak pendek langsung la! (tengok gambar terakhir) Aurat semua ditutup sampai bawah lutut, cukup la. Itu pun dia cakap pendek. Kris lelaki, casting person tu perempuan. Mungkin daya kelelakian Kris mengancam? Hah, cukup la. Kris bukan macam dulu lagi, di mana sampai pahaku yang putih gebu pun nampak trang-trang!

Jangan ambil hati
Sudah la, kita tak bole ambil hati bila orang bagi komen yang bila dengar macam tak munasabah aje, ataupun dia sengaja nak sakitkan hati kita? Tak la, Kris dah matang dan fikiran terbuka. Mesti bagi dia peluang untuk jelaskan diri. Ujibakat tu kena cakap dalam Mandarin, alamak! Nasib baik ada dia punya han-yu-pin-yi, bole la Kris pronounce. Kena baca cepat lagi tuh, macam orang gila. Nasib baik dia suka, so ujibakat pun cepat habis. Jimat masa dan tenaga bila ujibakat dengan Kris. Lepas tu, dapat juga pergi jalan-jalan di Tropicana Mall, lawat carrefour tu, nak survey peti sejuk dan alat-alat dapur yang lain sambil tunggu bas shuttle free ke stesen LRT Kelana Jaya. Psst...psst..Carrefour sana mahal sikit dari Carrefour setapak.

Terang lebih lanjut sikit bole tak, casting person?
Akhirnya sampai ke jalan timur bagi ujibakat kedua. Nasib baik tiba awal, tapi tunggu lama juga. Takpe, sambil tunggu, berborak la dengan para bakat lain yang menunggu. Kita kena friendly dan sosial, tak bole anggap diri dah pandai atau dah tinggi kan? Bila tiba giliran Kris, baru tahu watak itu. Tapi casting person tu tak la pandai jelaskan apa yang patut buat bagi isi lakonan. Hey, you all tak bagi training kat dia dulu ke? Ye la, tengok dia pun macam remaja lagi. Nasib baik Kris bole perbesarkan lagi, lapis-lapiskan lagi watak (macam kek) yang dijelaskannya yang tak seberapa itu. Kesian budak itu juga, tak bagi training kat dia dah disuruh buat casting. Isyk, isyk, patutla ramai orang yang tak profesional bole masuk industri ini noh? Jika tak tau, daftar diri masuk Kursus Latihan Artis kita ni. Jika bakat baru, pasti akan keliru dengan apa casting person cakap tu. Mula-mula kena berlakon sebagai hairdresser, pastu kena jadi pelanggan dia dan macam-macam lagi. Dia tahu la Kris ni pelakon versatil, tapi dia tamak nak Kris cuba semua watak yang ada. Penat...

Sedap sangat sampai sedih bila habis
Lepas selesai ujibakat, perut Kris ni pun macam nak makan. Kena ingat, bila bangun pagi, mesti cepat-cepat makan, jangan tunggu lama-lama untuk makan. Baru tak rasa "moody". Kris bila nak cuba benda baru untuk makan, banyak fikir juga. Ye la, bila dah order tak bole tarik balik tau, lagipun kerja artis ini gaji kita bukan selalu masuk. Nasib baik la kek cokelat putih dengan kacang makadamia ni SEDAP! Berbaloi la. Mmmm, kat "dinding" luar kek tu lagi sedap! (tengok gambar kedua) Macam susu pekat manis, tapi jenis yang teramat sedap tu. Wow...Sampai sedih hati bila hampir nak habis kek tu. Lazuwat. SATUmalaysia

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

August is the month of fresh beginnings

AUGUST is the month of letting go. Gone with the old, welcome the new. It's a month about being free to do what you want in your life - taking more chances and releasing fears (real and unreal) of every kind. August is a month for regaining your strength and confidence again after the end of a weary battle - be it mentally, emotionally or physically. Forget about the losses and victories you experienced, it's time to gain fresh grounds again.

This is a month to be specially clear of what you want to build in your life and gaining as much support and education you could muster to move forward (hey, you still have less than 5-month before the end of 2010!). Enough of regrets and excuses of not getting what you want. It's now to say shut up and goodbye to the naysayers who belittle your dreams. August is the month to embrace those who wants YOU to succeeed and become who you truly want to be - an ARTISTE!

Pros of being FULL modules students
Starting this month, all future Artiste Training Course students can select individual modules of their choice. Unlike the students who takes ALL the modules, individual modules students (those taking either 1 single module or less than 6) will NOT get representation from our side. The advantages of taking the full complete course modules are greater, for these students get discounts plus 1-year representation.

Pros of being INDIVIDUAL module students
On the other hand, individual module students will have more power and choice to suit and focus their time and resources to learn only what they want and according to their timetable flexibility. And also one-on-one sessions with the coordinator (applies to the complete modules students as well), which is making full use of the teacher's attention on you, so there will be no waste of any kind. Below are the modules breakdown and the individual prices:


*All also students get to prepare their own ARTISTE PORTFOLIO for FREE to jumpstart their career.
*All classes are conducted one-on-one with the class coordinator, so more attention and time given for student to ask questions and better learning

Interested students (working adults and college students) can text message to Mr.Liew or drop me an email KRISLAWFANCLUB@GMAIL.COM.

Monday, July 12, 2010

11 th July 2010 - Eclipse, My Birthday and World Cup Finals

11th July, my birthday, thank you very much. Shaved my face nicely off any mustache and facial hair. Washed all my clothes, drapes and bed sheets as a sign of cleansing and new beginnings. Make myself presentable and ready to greet my first day in a new age.

Being fickle for a surprise? No, no, no
In the afternoon, received a call from a close friend (CF) who reminded me to meet up. To my surprise, CF bought me a nice birthday cake, the same one CF bought for me last year! It was filled with kiwi fruits, strawberries, grapes and other fruits on top. Delicious. Deep inside, I wished CF would bought an entirely different cake. CF should try to uncover my tastes first. But hey, it was a surprise and its the thought that counts right? So no complains on my part.

Persuading the gift for myself
CF suggested to buy me a gift, after I told CF about waiting at Kinokuniya bookshop. CF wanted to buy me books there, so I quickly explained to CF that the books CF bought for me last year I still haven't finish reading. I suggested CF to buy me an SD card for my video camera instead. CF was so sweet to say yes.

Romantic movie and cosmo energy
Then we're off to watch Twilight:Eclipse. A coincident really, because on that day I read there's a full eclipse happening. The cinema hall at KLCC TGV was hall number 11.(a number in my birthdate) Apparently, I will become very powerful since the whole universe cosmo energy is directed at me that day.

Dreaming of a birthday song...for me? yes? nop.
Had dinner at Traders Hotel. On our way up to the restaurant, we came across a group singing "happy birthday" song. I thought it was for me, but it was for another guest. Auuuwww....Ordered a delicious sea bass. Yummy, yummy, yummy! My CF told me the significance of my birthday and my age being the perfect age. I am so glad to listen that.

Finally, the most beautiful game comes to an end. But me, the best is yet to come
Now, waiting for the final World Cup match between Netherlands and Spain to finish up. Being frustrated at times with the 2 local commentators in TV1 who doesn't seem to know what they're blabbering about. Oh well, still even with no goals from both sides. Come on, score something you buggers! Finally, Andres Iniesta scored a goal for Spain in extra time.