Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Truly the work of top German engineering and technology

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 I'm just like everyone else, trying to make a living as an artiste. Most of the times, it's very hard to get good acting jobs because all the main or supporting roles in Malaysia are very race specific. Malay dramas, they look for Malay actors. Chinese dramas, they look for Chinese actors (unfortunate for me because I cannot read Chinese) and so forth. No wonder racial issues still exist in our country right? And the pay not encouraging either.

Luck and timing plays a huge part
Sometimes luck and timing can be on an artiste's side. I met Peter Wolfgang a few years back on a casual outing, and he saw the potential in me - as a model! Can you believe that? Personally, I know I don't have the chops to be a model. My height is short and my body not tight and muscular. But Peter said I can act very well, after seeing in a few of my films and commercials. And that is good enough for him to cast me in his next photoshoot. Acting to him is evoking emotions through pictures, and I excelled at that.

Awestruck by someone so humble

Mr.Peter Wolfgang & me
 So my acting abilities led me to this photoshoot assignment. During the shoot, I found out that Peter had shot for many international magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair and many others foreign publications! Knowing that, I was awestruck that he would chose me to be his model. The very opportunity to be just working for a noted photographer like him is good enough for me.

So what have I learned in this experience to share with others?
The gentle side of me
Writing this experience, I love to share with my readers here how different it was working for a foreigner compared to the locals. Everyone can benefit and learn the way international photographers work. (unless you want to be ignorant and think highly of yourself) Peter told me to treat this photoshoot like in a film shoot. He said it's all the same, except his are for still photographs which is a minor difference. He told me to use my acting skills and be natural in front of his lense. So what are the difference working with Peter and his German crew as with a local production?

They understand time precision and its value
Strength - inside out
The shoot timetable was drafted and was given to me a week earlier. And you know what? No missed time or activity. All the work and setting up of the camera and lighting was completed according to the timeline stated. Germans have a great sense of timing, respect and value of time. I asked Peter do Germans worked overtime? He said everyone goes home at the stated time, for all work is done for the day. No worry, no stress. Because everyone is doing their jobs.

They recognise true talent - beyond just the superficial
I mean, come on, look at me. I don't see myself as a model, but the photographs Peter took was all fantastic and beautiful. His strong belief in me uplifts my confidence in my own abilities. He said he knows how good I am in acting and that will come through his photographs as well. No doubt some good looks can help, but your true abilities speak more of you as a talent. Helping others to do well will in turn inspires you to do well too. That's why I love coaching others in my Artiste Training Course.

They share knowledge
Sharing knowledge here means communication. During the photoshoot, everything went on uncannily smooth. I was expecting some kind of glitch or some unhappy crew member who would shout and belitttle others (like most of our local productions do). But no such thing. Everything went smoothly because everyone communicates with each other on a professional level. Peter trusts in my abilities, and that in turn makes me do my best. Same thing goes with others - the lighting crew, talent coordinator, line producer etc. Everything is explained clearly and simply at every level. No hidden agendas, witholding grudges (emotional) or worst, misinformation.

So how can we make our industry better? Simply imitate others who did better than us.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Recently, I did a few modelling shots for a German photographer. These are the pictures for potential covers (there's more to come, but I'll post it later). Worked very hard to get back in shape. NOTE: Since I have been receiving a LOT of anonymous comments, I will not be able to publish them all for it will automatically be deleted by my blog enabler. Only comments with a recognisable blog profile (and helpful or related to topic at hand) will be considered for publishing (or not). Anyway, just enjoy...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

An artiste's reflection of the world he lives in now

Mirror: greatest invention of man
As an artiste, you need to stop sometimes and take at the world you're living in now. I mean the real world, not just the acting world. You need to realize the effect you could have through your work. Not only as artistes, but other occupations too can have an impact in their surrounding world. Like the past long holidays, it really gives me time to reflect this.

The fighting is actually a cry for help
Fighting for rights and for race is an old, old call that never ceased to lower its volume in Malaysia, even now. Racism is real in our country, where you can actually witness the general public for example, who only sticks with their particular group. I cannot blame this kind of phenomena, and to be honest I've been a victim of theft and tricked by the other races before, so it's human to be among your own, because that way you feel safe in going on your everyday life.

Stereotypying is easy because you don't use your brain (& don't read)
2 book titles relevant to this entry
Protecting rights should always be because you are a human being, not superficial like your race. To understand racism, you have to lower your thought level to the lowest common denominators, touching on stereotypes. For example: it is generally agreed that all Chinese are hardworking and therefore must earn more money. This sort of flimsy example always hinges on the comparison factor, which is again superficial. Since I am partly Chinese, I am definitely not rich (I still have to berjimat & save every penny I could like everyone else) and definitely not as hardworking as I should be. (though some people think I've become rich overnight after starring in a local commercial)

Malaysians are smarter than they look, but if only...
When comparison becomes unsatisfactory, then the blame game began. That's what we usually see in the local newspapers between politicians and their games. You know, Malaysians are smarter than they look. Some people may say Malaysians are the worst or some kinds of negative remarks, but I think there's only ONE thing we miss. And that is to be honest with ourselves. And why can't we be honest with ourselves? Fear.

The greatest human invention of all - the mirror
Fear truly has a way to limit us in all ways. Fear of what others may say. Fear of becoming unpopular. That's why nowadays so many Malaysians are facing their laptops and chatting. I received so many anonymous comments being posted in my blog. What happen to being the real you? Too fearful to be yourself? The real question again is: are all these fears real? Actually, we need to do a very simple task of taking a mirror and reflect ourselves. Something rarely done, but an extremely important task if we were to take the next step towards a first-world country.

Newsweek choice: Finland
Best in Education
Look at Finland! A truly great surprise to see such an "unpopular" country to make it to the top of the list. It is no surprise that this country surpasses other more well-known countries like USA and Japan in terms of quality of life. To quote from Newsweek "Warren Buffett likes to say that anything good that’s ever happened to him can be traced back to the fact that he was born in the right country—America—at the right time. And it’s true: while remarkable individuals can be found in any nation on earth, certain countries give their citizens much greater opportunity to succeed than others at certain points in time."

Freedom to pursue well-being fairly
Now Newsweek listed this factors in how they determine the best countries to live in: education (Finland), health (Japan), quality of life (Norway), economic dynamism (Singapore), and political environment (Sweden).  Or click at this link for full story: http://www.newsweek.com/feature/2010/the-world-s-best-countries.html I'm sure my country is working very hard in all these areas. But to me, it's always helpful to refer to other countries and see how they managed. Personally for me, the factors listed by Newsweek can simply be condensed in this phrase "the freedom to pursue well-being fairly".

Superficiality is making us all cry for help quietly
A recent survey stated that over 60% of Malaysians prefer to be working in another country. I truly inderstand this sentiment, because so much of our country is focused on the superficial: your race, tradition, religion, infrastructure, the KLCC, MSC, status quo etc. All the while, our inner selves are malnourished, empty. We can all sing the songs of unity and chant to the anthem of harmony, but deep inside we all know something is missing.

Penny Wong
The only measurement of your advancement: Skills
Isn't it time we nourish our inner well-being and look beyond just the superficial? Shouldn't we stop being low confidence, condemn every little bad thing and be ugly jealous about others? Read the book "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff". The inner human capability should be the only criteria in advancing ourselves, and not your superficial self like race or religion.  Look at Malaysian-born, Penny Wong being made Australia's Finance Minister. It's true when they say all the capable Malaysians go overseas.

The worst thing you can do to yourself is to be defined by superficial
Superficial means different thing to different countries. In US, superficial means how often you appear on TV. In Malaysia, superficial here refers more to your race and religion. It is the worst thing you can do to yourself because then you become your own worst enemy. For my aspiring Chinese artistes here, do not be intimidated or blindly submissive when you are acting or doing your production work. Take a hold of yourself and tell yourself you are deserving just as other talents from other races. For my aspiring Malay artistes here, do not let your race defines or limits to who you can become. Your work attitude can be just as great and professional as everyone else. In a nutshell, everyone can be the best they can be, if only we don't let the superficial gets in the way. Black or white, anyone?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Seribu Satu Expresi Hari Raya - Maaf Zahir Batin

Siapa nak bersalam ni? Maaf zahir batin.
Hari Raya semakin dekat. Bila pembaca sampai blog saya, hari raya pun dah sampai! Yipee...bestnya Hari Raya. Gembira bukan sebab hari istimewa ini dah sampai. Tetapi semua jalan di Kuala Lumpur sunyi sepi. Tiada kereta yang suka bunyikan hon bila nak lalu jalan. Lenyap semua penunggang motosikal yang suka lajukan enjinnya sampai bunyikan wisel yang memukau. Senang sahaja naik LRT, orang pun kurang, bole masuk ikut masa sendiri tanpa ditolak sana-sini macam nak mati berjuang.

Makan biar berpada-pada, jangan jadi besar pinggang sudah!
Bestnya Hari Raya. Dapat dengar lagu zaman dulu. Bole berdansa dan ikut melodi ceria. Orang sekeliling pun ceria, dan hilang semua muka muram masam seperti waktu bekerja. Perasaan dengki dan benci pun hilang, dan semangat untuk berpesta pun membara-bara. Oh, jangan koyak-kan baju raya sudah.
Semangat ingin beraya menjadi tak terkawal!

Bestnya Hari Raya. Dapat makan pelbagai jenis juadah Raya. Kuih-muih, lemang, karipap dan macam-macam lagi tarikan lidah yang manis bercampur masam. Air sirap bandung, oren, ais krim, ahaks. Lepas makan, dah jadi terlalu kenyang nak bersusah payah bersalam pun tiada daya lagi. Imbasan nak tidur pun menjadi-jadi, jangan tambah lagi ukuran pinggang sudah la.
Gembiranya dapat bermesra dengan sahabat lama & baru

Sedapnya Hari Raya. Bole bertemu semula rakan-rakan yang lama. Bole jalinkan semula silaturahim, dan gempar-gemburkan cerita dulu-dulu dan pingisan memori lama yang manis. Ukiran senyuman dilihat di semua muka yang ada. Kekadang ingin rasa terperanjat dengan cerita gosip siapa dah kahwin dan cerai, tsk-tsk-tsk.
Dah puas dapat banyak duit raya. Masa untuk beradu pula.
Cepatnya Hari Raya berlalu. Dalam sekelip mata sahaja, semua sandiwara bermesra melesap begitu sahaja. Hati pun lega sebab berjaya mengharungi saat yang terdesak pabila terdengar usikan saudara ingin tahu perkembangan status kita. Soalan desakan seperti bila nak berkahwin, berpacakan dan macam-macam lagi menjadi asap bayangan malam di pecahan sinaran sanubari di hari yang baru. Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin kepada semua pembaca & pelajar Kursus Latihan Artis beragama Muslim. SATUmalaysia

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ya tuhan, mana perginya kaca mata Dior ku? > 3 tips penting untuk menghadapi kehidupan Artis yang mencabar (3K)

Fesyen terkini untuk Hari Raya ini

Siapa yang melambai-lambai tu?
Insiden ini berlaku waktu pagi tadi, masa tengah tunggu tren LRT. Baru sahaja bangun dari tidur, dan kena gesa-gesa pergi meeting. Waktu menunggu tren itu, ramai penumpang yang jalan sana-sini. Sebaik sahaja Kris sampai di platform menunggu, ada sahaja seorang jejaka India yang tinggi kurus dengan spek mata yang "baby", melambai-lambai kat Kris!

Sindrom Paranoia Artis - semua artis "terjangkit"
Kris tersentak pula, kerana takut salah dapat pesanan melambai-lambai ini. Kris pun pandang belakang dan tepi, sangka gentleman India ini cuba nak panggil kawannya. Tetapi, tiada orang di sekeliling Kris pun yang membalas lambaiannya tu. Oh, dia cuba mendekat saya ker? hatiku berbisik. Tren pun sampai, dan segera Kris cari tempat duduk dengan niat untuk menjauhinya.

Mana kaca mata-ku? Oh my Dior!
Bila dah dapat duduk, Kris pandang ke atas dan nampak lagi lelaki India itu dalam jarak yang agak dekat juga! Dengan segera, Kris cuba cari kaca mata hitam dengan niat untuk menyelubungi mata Kris dari memandang orang yang tak kenal tersebut. Tapi kaca mata tak bawa sama, maka bola mata Kris ni pun melayang ke sana sini, mencari tapak yang sesuai. Jejaka tersebut cuba senyum dan lambai lagi, tapi masa itu Kris masih belum lagi jaga sepenuhnya dari tidur, dan ingatan tak berapa bagus. Perasaan Kris masa itu pula panik sedikit, kerana kira ramai juga orang yang kenal Kris dalam iklan TVC itu, dan "mood" ingin menyapa "peminat baru" pun kurang.

Guna teknik berlakon untuk elak "peminat"
Kris pun tutup mata dan berpura-pura tidur dalam tren, dengan mata buka sekali sekala nak tangkap kedudukan lelaki India tersebut (takut la nanti tiba-tiba dia muncul di depan Kris dengan bibirnya yang nipis tu nak cium Kris, macam mana ya? Nak lari pun tak sempat) Pernah sekali Kris masuk dalam tandas lelaki, ada nenek tua ikut masuk juga! Kasihan Kris pandang nenek tua mengintai dalam bilik tandas lelaki.

Yang baik itu ingat, yang buruk bole ...
Nenek tak bole masuk sini. Nenek tunggu luar ajo.
Akhirnya, gentleman itu pun menghilang tiba-tiba. Dan pada saat itu, Kris baru teringat siapa jejaka India tersebut! Rasa begitu serba salah sekali, kerana kami pernah berbual! Dia tu konon-nya personal assistant pada salah seorang artis yang hadir waktu satu ujibakat filem. Personal assistant tu pun agak tegas pendiam orangnya masa tu, siapa bole ingat kan? Imej yang dibagi waktu tu macam agak high-class la. Tu yang Kris tak suka simpan dalam ingatan. Sebaliknya, yang peramah dan ceria tu baru orang lagi senang ingat.

Rasa serba salah, bukan sombong, tapi tak ingat dek
Dalam hati Kris, dia mesti rasa Kris ni sombong. Takpe la, nak buat macam mana? Dalam perjalanan artis ini, Kris dah banyak bertemubual dengan seribu satu jenis orang. Memang tiada upaya untuk ingat semua orang dalam sekelip mata sahaja. Kris bisikkan doa ampun maaf dari personal assistant tersebut. Fikir balik, kenapa dia gitu ia-ia sangat nak berlambai-lambai pada Kris waktu itu? Mungkin nak minta pekerjaan dari Kris? Nak tanya gosip terkini? Oh tidak!

Siapa yang sentuh ini? Hah, mesti ada 3 benda ni
Kesimpulannya: 3 benda penting dibawa bersama semua artis pada setiap masa
Insiden ini telah menginspirasikan Kris untuk memberi tips penting bagi semua pengikut blog ini. Untuk mengharungi kehidupan artis yang mencabar ini, mesti ada 3K (bukan 3 ribu, tapi huruf bermula dengan abjad K) yang artis perlu bawa bersama pada setiap masa:
1) Kaca Mata Hitam : agar bole tutup mata untuk elak dipandang dan memandang.
2) Kamera Kompak: agar bole ambil gambar peminat supaya mereka tidak bersikap keterlaluan.
3) Ilmu: dalam apa jua cabang seni. Sertai Kursus Latihan Artis kan senang. SATUmalaysia