Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Ultimate 6-Step Guide to Shield You for the Christmas and Year-End Shopping Frenzy (Electronics Gadgets specific)

Santa's Top Elf Boy ready to spread JOY to the world
The Christmas and end of the year is coming soon, and all the top electronics giants specifically are setting up their big marketing guns to aim at our hard-earned money (and some inherited from their ancestors) to splurge on their products. Personally, I love to buy stuff, but as I grow older, I notice how hard I worked for my money, and truly want to spend it on stuff that I only truly needs - hence that's my Buyer's Psychology. Besides, being of limited resources, I truly enjoy the idea of not owning anything precious or expensive. When you are of limited resources, you learn to enjoy everything you owned and waste lesser than those who are reasonably richer with cash to splurge on the latest. So how do normal folks like us who wants to buy some really cool, expensive electronic gadget once in a blue moon, without being conned by the electronic giants? Below are some Strategic Steps you should follow before embarking on your shopping spree:

STEP 1: Do Research
Lately, I've developed a secret wanting to buy a smartphone. But there are simply so many options! You have Apple, Samsung, HTC and even traditional internet companies like Google and Microsoft are rolling out smartphones! But beyond smartphones, there is another category of hot internet device - the tablet! Oh my, in my college days, owning a notebook was already considered "it". And now, Samsung is pioneering the in-between smartphone and tablet category by launching the Galaxy Note. In the midst of these dizzying array of devices, one must really do research online. I often bet 2 devices against each other, say Iphone 4s vs Samsung Galaxy Note or Ipad2 vs Galaxy Tab. Now you must remember, there are newer and better models being released every quarter year or so, so even that you have to keep yourself up-to-date. Not to mention the operating system softwares: Froyo ( not Frodo from LOTR, ai-yo-yo), Gingerbread (my bread only with kaya, no ginger please!), Honeycomb, Ice-cream Sandwich (sounds delicious) and of course Apple's own OS5. Unfortunately in Malaysia, we seem to receive the latest models 2 or 3 months after it was launched. When the product is launched, go and test out. Be aware of the promotions offered by our local telcos companies, but usually the bundled packages make you spend more for things you don't really need and use fully to its capacity.

See my eyes, you're now under my spell...
STEP 2: Don't let others influence your purchase decision
Often in the LRT, I can observe some people popping out their devices and busily typing or multi-touching away their screen. It can be quite disheartening when a person is doing that and you're next to him or her. You tried not to peek at their multi-touch super LCD, AMOLED, or Retina Display, but you simply cannot help it - simply for the damn reason it is there! And it's always fun to watch the clips or games they are playing, and wish you have one just like that. Now, hold on to your horses! It is at this precise moment that you must stop, and think. Personally for me, I find devices like these irritating. Some people think you're Jealous of their "superior" device, when noticed you're peeking (unintentionally), they turned their shoulders back at you with the devices away from you, as if to protect their so-called privacy. Well, then in the first place, you shouldn't be multi-touching your device in public places (multi-touch yourself instead of your device, haha). Having that irritation often repels me from considering that particular brand in my purchase decision. Hopefully that will help you too.

Looking for my "baby"
STEP 3: Know your real needs for the product
I have a friend who owned a Galaxy Tab 7inch which is an old model, and he's simply satisfied with it. He told me that all he needs from his device is to surf the internet (then he would go on and complained how hopeless our country's wi-fi connection is). Of course, he won't make any calls using his device primarily because he has another handphone (cheapo type). Listening to his incessantly negative babble (he worked as a journalist before), I actually learned something. Why on Earth would I want a smartphone or a tablet for? I am happy as I am, I got a Sony walkman to listen to when I commute, and a netbook I can surf the net. Suddenly I discovered that I could actually use the device to keep my appointments and to-do list, paperless and toss away the the Good, Old Diary. That would be good for the environment, right? So I went and tried out the Galaxy Note - unfortunately, I find using the S-Pen quite slow for me, because I write fast. And the S-Pen response lacks the speed I was looking for as compared to good old traditional pen and paper. Of course, you must also know what sort of environment you're in when using the device. Like myself, I'm always on the go, would I be comfortable multi-touching my Ipad while walking? Would I accidentally bump into another person in the street, causing my head to went straight into my Ipad screen and detonate an explosion? Would I be comfortable drawing using my S-Pen on the Galaxy Note or the Magic Pen on the HTC Flyer while waiting for a bus, thus keeping me totally immersed with my device and causing me to miss my bus?

STEP 4: Be aware of the effects of advertising
I worked in the advertising industry before, so I know how it affects purchase decision. What's more, I worked as an actor in our local entertainment before, so I know when to avoid buying anything whenever I see a local celebrity endorsing a particular brand of electronics, restaurant or fashion retail outlet. Seriously, advertising works in mischievous ways without you realising it. Remember the recent demise of Apple founder Steve Jobs? The announcement of his death was barely 24 hours after the launch of Iphone 4s. In my super-conductive mind, it made me suspect his death was earlier except and they might held onto the news from the public until after the launch of the product? And see how the sales skyrocketed! I do respect the company, its philosophy, its products and the founder, but not to the point of being an evangelist. So back to my purchase decision, you truly need to clear your mind from the influences of the media before purchasing anything. Don't subliminally con me to buy your product out of some emotional deception, because I won't. Don't deceive me by showing how many others are using it, because I am not like the many others, I am unique. I've got a friend who always say Apple is the best, anything must buy Apple (what the heck! Small screen - must squint your eyes, no Long Term Evolution etc). Personally as an artiste, I will not subject my expressive eyes to such an ordeal of squinting at a small screen. Well, you're in the herd, baby. Remember: buying an Apple product doesn't make you any smarter, think more different or design-wise more superior than others. That's the company, not you dummy.

I always tell my students - you have choices.
STEP 5: List your choices
Before you can come to this step, you need to go through the ones before this. As for myself, I have decided to go for the tablet, because I don't need a smartphone to call people. I only need information on the go, since I am always outside. Remember, once you decided a category of products to purchase, there's a few brand names competing within the category itself in Specs Supremacy alone, so you have another round of head-bunking to do. Now I am writing as someone from a limited resources standpoint, but if you have money to splurge, by all means get both the tablet and smartphone. Once you have your list ready, eliminate the ones you don't want. I know it's hard because all the products out there look so good - the Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy SII, Iphone 4s, Ipad 2, Galaxy Tab Plus etc. But remember you are spending hundreds of ringgit, some even surpassing RM2000! Don't go broke from buying stuff you don't need, that's all I'm telling you.

Silence and Patience...Santa is coming.
STEP 6: And finally, patience
Once you purchase an electronics devise, stick with it, and use it fully and with a feeling of happiness. I remember I bought my latest Sony Walkman, and 2 weeks after that, the touchscreen model was launched. I regretted a bit for purchasing it, but after much thought, I feel I have to stand for my purchase decision. No doubt the latest Sony Walkman has Bluetooth with touchscreen (capacitive or otherwise ), and costs almost RM800, where else my current one was three hundred bucks less than that. If the price falls within that range, I better get an Ipod right? But I learnt my lesson, and that is patience. Don't go crazy over some launch, and buy stuff you'll regret later - there's no point. I know I want to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7inch, but it's not even available! What to do? And how about the Asus Transformer Prime which has the fastest processing speed, as claimed? Patience, wait and see - this type of attitude gives me more time to consider maybe an Ipad2, and also to save up money later for an Ipad 3 with phone functions and even a stylus? (Damn, if the current release of tablets' price ranges is the same as Ipad2, I'll wait for the Ipad3). I remembered anticipating the Galaxy Note, but when it was launched, immediately I was having second thoughts of buying it because I finally went through all the steps I've listed here. Hopefully, it'll help guide you too in this upcoming crazy shopping season before you depart your hard-earned cash. At the end of the day, you might not even spend a ringgit purchasing after you go through my steps, which is not a bad thing after all. But the economy only works when you spend. Why not spend on other stuff (like a short course in upgrading your skills?), not only on electronics gadgets which becomes instantly dated less than a year. Electronics companies are good at witholding and releasing one great feature at a time, causing the consumers to spend bundles on one. Later only to discover there's another new, better and shinier feature -  causing the consumer to spend unnecessary. As for me, I'll just end up not buying and spend my days watching stupid TV shows. (Suddenly I feel like some super-everything-must-be-perfect freak) Unlike taking a Communications Course, where all the good stuff are revealed to you at once, no holding back. Knowledge stays in-style, in-trend for good. A good Communications Strategy Coach will do you even more good like preparing you for Reality TV ShowsCasting and exude Your Inner Star Quality. So what are you waiting for? Quickly decide what you want to buy now.....or at least before the year ends.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

3 things Malaysians won't take notice when left unattended in public areas and why you should always have it with you.

My father and me on my 3rd and last
birthday party together. (the year he died)
Being a child who lost his father at age 3 in a traumatic car accident, the fear of losing things was instilled in me since young. Of course now, being an adult, I am learning to let go, but to varying success. Losing stuff really makes me worried in the beginning. During my 20s, the fear of being alone was always there. So having stuff around me seems to be of comfort - books, clothes, electronic gadgets etc. Of course we all lose stuff. But as I am beginning to let go of that fear, I began to notice something. Not all stuff that you lose, are lost forever. Sometimes they come back, or re-appear. And that is truly a great feeling to see the stuff you thought you lost, reappears again. It gives me that sentimental hope (no matter how thin it maybe) that even though I lost my father at a very young age, perhaps I might meet him again someday in the next life.

Towel waiting for its master
Losing stuff is never a good thing. Especially if that stuff cost you a lot of money. Like handphone or camera. Interestingly, there are basically 3 things that I owned specifically, that actually "returns". The first thing I want to mention here is my towel. I used to bring along a huge towel with me to the pool whenever I want to swim. But it's so heavy to carry it home, after using it, because it's wet and took much space in my bag. So the next day, I decided to use a smaller towel, akin to a face towel, just to dry my wet body. And it worked just fine. My body is not that big, hence even a small towel is sufficient to dry it. But my own clumsiness! After drying myself, I left the small towel hanging at the iron rod near to the shower area, to dry.  In the midst of my hurry, I forgot to bring it back with me. So the next day, I went back to the pool, and to my pleasant surprise - it was still there at exactly the same spot where I left it! Of course it was raining, and that poor towel of mine was like a little puppy just waiting to be reunited with its master.

Trustworthy umbrella
Now the second stuff that Malaysians won't usually take when you left it in public area is the umbrella. I truly hate buying umbrellas, because I am so specific of the size, shape and length of an umbrella - due to the limited space in my bag and I'm always on the go. So the umbrella must be in the right shape and length to fit in nicely, also it must open to a reasonable covering in the event of rain. My losing of the umbrella incident came on the way home in the LRT train. The journey was tediously long, and it just rained. So I snoozed all the way back, and left my umbrella hanging at my side - to let the water drip away while I slept. When my station arrived, I quickly awoke from my nap and totally forgot that I left my trustworthy umbrella in the train! But I knew the train would turn back after the last stop, so I waited at the opposite side of the platform. I only remembered the shape of the train, and estimated which seat position I was at the time I left it. Thank goodness my memory was sharp and able to keep the details. After waiting a while, the next train arrived at the opposite side. When the door slides open, my humble little umbrella was still there, clinging at the side of the seat - waiting for me. I quickly stepped inside, grabbed my umbrella and stepped out before the door slides closed.

See the stuff I wore? Left it in the train
Taking care of your stuff
The final thing that Malaysians won't even bother is the underwear. Yes it's true. Unless you intentionally want to be filthy and want others to have it, don't even bother that others are going to take it. Of course, it also depends what brand of intimates you have. Like mine, I value each and every piece, so I will never leave it anywhere! Of course, I never leave my intimates around, but I simply don't understand others who do! Unless you're sleeping with someone you love, that act would be justifiable. If you're not, best to keep it to yourself. Men's underwear costs a bundle these days, especially those reputable brands. I know this is an interesting entry, but it's something I love to share with my readers here. That's all you're getting, not my underwear, haha!

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Ragam Warga Kota KL Suka Duduk, Benci Berdiri - ada yang kelakar, ada yang keji. Buntut-ku penat "mencaci"...oops.

Jom guna kaki kita - berjalan, jangan leka.

Hari istimewa, entry "istimewa"
Hari istimewa 11hb November 2011, 11/11/11. Bila lagi tarikh sedemikian akan berulang lagi? Hidup kita singkat, masa tidak panjang. Jangan leka....asyik duduk bermimpi. Masa belajar, kena belajar. Waktu bekerja, kena bekerja. Bertindak sekarang dan berjalan ke sini juga! Hehe, bergurau. Manfaat besar bila manusia berjalan. Dah lama Kris tak tulis dalam BM, jadi kali ini nak masuk entry baru.

Tuhan bagi kita dua belah kaki. Macam Kris ini, suka berjalan ke sana sini, tak suka pandu kereta. Kira satu senaman yang Aktif dan bagus. Bila kita resah atau sedih, ada manfaatnya kita berjalan. Lagipun, aktiviti berjalan begitu senang sekali. Hanya perlu kaki, dan kasut. Di mana-mana sahaja, bole berjalan. Di taman. Di tepi jalan. Atas bukit. Bawah jambatan. Yang pelik, pelajar Kris dari Luar Negara lebih tahan berdiri dan rela berjalan jika dibanding dengan pelajar tempatan. Ingin tahu lanjut mengenai kursus, sila email segala pertanyaan anda ke krislawfanclub@gmail.com

Waktu sesi dalam kelas Kursus Latihan 
Belajar Berjalan dalam Kelas
Bila Kris berjalan, semua dukacita hilang begitu sahaja. Rasa sedih (mengenang arwah ayah Kris yang meninggal semenjak usia 3 tahun), tak puas hati (kenapa orang lain bole kaya, saya tidak?), dengki (kenapa orang lain lagi cantik, saya tidak?), suka maki orang (orang tut-tut-tut ini memang *^%*!) - semua perasaan negatif HILANG dalam sekelip mata dengan aktiviti BERJALAN. Punca fikiran negatif ini terjadi dari aktiviti malas - terlalu banyak menonton drama TV.. Kadang kala manusia sendiri malas untuk menggunakan ciptaan Tuhan yang indah dan tersedia dari saat kita dilahirkan dalam dunia fana ini. Kemalasan tersebut bole dikurangkan menerusi KURSUS LATIHAN ARTIS saya, di mana kebanyakan pelajar berjaya menimba pengalaman bekerja di Dunia Sebenar . Semua pelajar saya digalakkan melakukan aktiviti (yang mesti guna kaki) untuk tujuan belajar. Ada yang disuruh berjalan, ada yang disuruh untuk mereka cerita. Manusia yang lemah, hanya asyik fikir nak duduk ...nak rehatkan buntut mereka yang selalunya letih. Bukan nak burukkan sesiapa, tetapi sebagai iktibar dan contoh untuk pembaca di sini untuk menilai dan mengkaji sikap kita. Ingat, jika kita hina orang lain, kita sebenarnya menghina diri sendiri. Semua bangsa - tak kira Cina, Melayu atau Melanau adalah sama - 1 Malaysia. Mari kita lihat contoh manusia yang suka duduk tak rata:

Anakku dibiar bertapak main sana-sini
Tak kira Metro di Paris, atau Subway di New York, manusia sememangnya tidak mengambil peduli sesama sendiri sewaktu menumpang tren. Yang peliknya bila seorang ayah dan anak kecilnya duduk. Ya, tak apa, biar sahaja anak kecil duduk, tapi sampai benarkan anaknya bertapak diri di atas tempat duduk? Tak pernah fikir betapa kotornya tapak kasut anaknya? Dah banyak kali Kris menyaksikan sikap cuai pihak ibubapa yang biar sahaja anak mereka meliar dan mengotorkan dalaman tren LRT - buang sampah, air liur etc. Si ayah tersebut nampak begitu megah sekali dapat tempat duduk dengan anak kecilnya....Tak rasa peduli langsung dengan sepasang lagi ibubapa di tepi anak kecilnya yang tengah seronok meronta-ronta. TIPS PENTING: Kawasan paling terbiar dan yang paling tidak dicuci - tapak kasut anda! Kena cuci juga supaya kasut lebih tahan lama..

Beg aku besar tau, jangan dekat.
Ini pula waktu menunggu bas di stesen bas percuma di Mid Valley Megamall. Tahu la baju makcik-makcik ni dah Cantik & Glamor kan? Takkan la beg pun nak tayang bagi seluruh warga kota di stesen bas? Jadual bas awam kita tak menentu, kesian ada orang lain nak duduk berehat kejap pun tak bole sebab kena "pau" oleh beg. Jika bole, beg letak la aja kat atas riba kaki. Mungkin si makcik tersebut tak dapat kawal nafsu nak popeh dengan kawannya tu, sampai lupa nak angkat beg. Bahaya.

Kontol ku besar perlu ruang "bernafas"
Ini pula pakcik tua yang duduk kat tepi Kris. Konon la lelaki jantan, perlukan "ruang" yang besar kat tengah-tengah dua belah kaki dia tu sampai terkangkang. Tak bole kempit kat ruang sensitif tu, kena bagi ruang "bernafas" konon la. Tapi, tengok la ruang tempat duduk yang dimakan tu! Dalam tren, tempat duduk pun dah cukup ketat, mana ada ruang lagi untuk pakcik nafaskan "kejantanan" dia ya? Tolong la...jangan "terhidu" ruang tempat duduk awam yang terhad.

Pelbagai guna tudung - tutup aurat dan hidung!

Akak terbau benda busuk
Cepat-cepat kena pergi beli minyak wangi Dior atau Homme. Ini contoh ragam warga kota kita yang kelakar pun ada, pelik pun ada. Bayangkan anda duduk dalam tren, dan penumpang di tepi anda asyik tutup hidungnya - macam la anda berbau busuk kan? Sedangkan Kris selalu pakai minyak wangi yang berharga beratus-ratus ringgit (ceh, dah miskin pun kena berbau wangi, susah la), hahaha, busuk lagi ke akak? Takpe la....ragam lucu tu. Jika tak lucu, sila kentut. TIPS LUCU: Jika nak orang di tren jauhi anda dan berikan anda tempat duduk secara automatik, pakai baju busuk yang dah berbulan-bulan tak dicuci. Ppppuuutt! Berkesan.

Badanku besar, penuh berharga
Bukan semuanya buruk. Ada di antara warga kota KL memang penuh berhati-hati. Jika tempat duduk itu di sebelahnya ada seorang kakak/abang yang berbadan besar, baik jangan duduk kat tepi dia, nanti sempit dan tersekat! Tapi ada baiknya berbadan besar, mana-mana sahaja duduk, orang lain tak berani kacau kita atau cuba mendekati kita dalam tren. Kira kawasan kita terjamin-la ya? Berat Kris pun mesti kena cepat-cepat naik ya....sampai 70kg ok tak?

Sempitnya tempat duduk
Bukan beg sahaja yang menjadi halangan, tempat duduk dalam bas kita ada yang sempit juga. Beg pinggang pula dipakai, mesti susah nak himpit semua dalam satu ruang yang kecil itu. Orang Malaysia dah semakin membesar, pandangan kita pun semakin meluas, betul tak? Minum susu berkalsium tinggi lagi tu. Mesti la semua besar-besar, hahaha. Jangan orang yang duduk depan lagi besar dari kita sudah. Mesti himpit ke belakang runtuh kerusi baru tahu....meow.

Mari belajar duduk macam Artis
Ooooish, cara duduk pun kena belajar ke? Tapi nampaknya, ada pasaran juga la untuk orang Malaysia mengambil modul "Duduk Macam Artis" (modul terbaru). Jika artis duduk, biasanya duduk bagi tujuan diambil gambar oleh si jurugambar atau cameraman. Semuanya kena tutup, tak bole terbiar "lubang" muncul sana sini. Malu nanti terkeluar akhbar atau majalah. Cara duduk, berdiri dan memberi sambutan kena lengkap....sempurna! Kena ingat, cara duduk berbeza bagi artis wanita dan lelaki.

Tangan siapa ni menggatal?
Sebelum Kris mengakhiri entry blog ini yang tujuannya untuk SERONOK (bukan tujuan maki tapi bagi tujuan belajar), ada orang lain pula yang ingin "seronok" pula kat Kris waktu tengah asyik tulis entry ini. Eh, siapa tu ya? Peminat setia ke? Timbalan Pengerusi (VP) tu ke? Awek pelajar warga Myanmar ke? Orang gila di tepi jalan ke? Oooo, tak kisah la. Kita semua orang Malaysia, tak sihat sikap terlalu serius sampai jihad dan mesti BERFIKIRAN TERBUKA selalu. Apa-apa sahaja, sila beri KOMEN di bawah atau KLIK BANNER IKLAN (atas dan bawah). Bila orang memberi, kita terima. Bila rasa dengki, pergi la JALAN, jangan duduk ya?

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Month, New Awakening, New World - The whole world and its people can simply be divided into 2 categories - the Self-Indulgent or Inspiring. Which are you?

The days passed by so fast, it's 1111 already!
The month of November is finally here - and the numbers on the date is very lucky: 1/11/11. The number 1 connotes many auspicious elements: it means a clean slate, a new start on the first day, fresh beginnings and many more.Please NOMINATE my blog at Nominate My Blog I foresee many exciting gadgets premiering this month for all consumers to buy for Christmas and such. It's also a reminder that the year is ENDING! Questions like "Have I fulfilled all my new year's resolutions?" began to surface. As for me, I've learnt so much this year. One most important lesson I discovered is - People can be categorised into these 2 parts :self-indulgent or inspiring. Self-indulgent people always think about themselves. They are also most insecure about many things. The most glaring point is, they are usually self-delusional, thinking they are better than others or more good looking, or more superior (I know a group of men like that). How blind can they be? As for me, I was the victim of such blindness.

Are we born blind?

Blinding Self-Indulgence
I believe a lot of people in this world are "blind" to their own greed  and stupidity. If not, then why all the major religions of the world confirmed this mortal human "blind"-ness? I began to realise this greed and how it translates to art. Recently I was at KLCC and witness a mini art exhibition at the main concourse area. I urge all my followers here to go and see art exhibitions. Some of the art pieces are really interesting. Of course there's one or two that is awfully self-indulgent. It's interesting to note that now I can FURTHER sub-categorise types of Self-Indulgent people into 2 main sub-categories Selfishness and Immature. The first part referring to the art pieces I've seen and the second part falls to the human weakness. That's why it's always a good thing to have a coach around to give you the third eye. (like a third honest opinion) 

Disrespectful text message from a VP

Being treated like an invisible
Let's start with the immature part. Being a single artiste allows me tremendous space and freedom to philosophise the frailty and weakness of the human race. Of course I am not free from being victimised by such people, the text messages I received can be quite appaling too. For example, I've known a Vice President (VP) of a large company. This VP stays with the mother at a very high-end condominium. I was invited a few times over, and always I sense an "ulterior motive", One has to decline doing something one is not comfortable doing at the expense of compromising one's values. Imagine what shock I receive with the text message (see visual above). To ask me to sneak into the place at night and leave so early? I consider myself to be a pure artiste, one that can never accept the role of invisibility. Want to know what's my reply? Read until the end to find out whether I am an immoral man or not.

Spacious space
To clear my mind off such hypocrisy of our dreary world, I try to focus my mind on the positive and delight on the beauty of every moment. It was a pleasant surprise to witness an interesting stage - an exhibition of student artistes. I always advised my students to Visit Art Galleries. They're a source of inspiration, and it's FREE to view! The whole stage is divided into 2 sections - the product display and the art display. I suppose artistes like myself are more drawn to the art display, rather than the sponsored product, for I find the prices quite expensive. I love the walkway which is wide and spacious for visitors. Some even pose in front of the artworks and snap pictures. Lovely.

Get Hung Over
As you guys know, some art pieces - no matter whether its a film, TV series, music, commercial or whatever that is related to art, can be, in my opinion be divided either self-indulgent or inspiring. Actors too can be categorised, same as ALL living human beings, despite their vocation. Bosses who are self-indulgent will be extremely demanding and selfish, at the pretense of being "high standards". Artists who are self-indulgent will produce works that is hard for the public to understand, which requires much effort. Like the visual, the bunch of ties being hung actually raises many questions to its relevance, sometimes looking a tad childish piece of art. And a white boot at the bottom? Walking away with those ties, sir?

Get chain over
This art piece can be a tad self-indulgent to my taste for at first impression, it doesn't give me much of a sense of the aesthetics. Does the artist enjoy what he's doing? One must love one's journey towards a goal. Aspiring actors must attend auditions before getting a job. Know more how to make Enjoyable Casting. If one does not love it, the work may result to be self-indulgent. Or worst, you'll end up hating attending auditions. But I do love the way the can openers are used and pieced together in the art piece. The only self-redeeeming quality.

Conventional Safety
Some artistes tend to be on the safe side, and chose subject matter that is more neutral, and pleasing to the eye. Like this picture, it is actually a man-made lake from a coal mine, you can spot the machineries and factory at the background. But being too safe is not good. A true artiste must take chances, to think beyond the box, break conventions, not just following the conventions - doing the same thing over and over again.

Video Art
This piece of art is truly lovely, I believe it's a mixture of video and animation, what I should label as "breaking out the box"? The top of the wedding cake-like structure spills some colours right to the whole structure. It's interesting to note that there'a chair next to it. Wonder what that means....

Pure Self-Indulgence
This piece looks like a work for the self-delusional - the different facial expressions attest to the similarities of an actor auditioning for a part in a movie or show. I have a funny suspicion the face belongs to the artiste himself. Again, this work does not inspire anyone but seek to glorify the artiste himself? I wish the eyes were open, rather than closed (as to avoid identification?). At least when your eyes are open, it shows you're glorifying yourself all the way, not half-heartedly. I think people will respect you more for that. Or else it's just plain irritating to view.

Drowned World
This picture takes the viewer into the blurry world of water.
Love the concept. Totally not self-indulgent. Have you ever wonder how the artist drew the picture? In my guess, I believe she took the underwater shots and paint from the photos as reference. But it's hard for me to buy these art works, because I wouldn't know where to place it. At the living room? At the dining hall? The bedroom? Probably the best place would be at the pool-side as a warning to swimmers to swim at their own risk.

Wall Art
This isn't a wall per se, more like a divider but with glowing translucence mixed with interesting colours and words. I love the idea of even the most insignificant object at the exhibition being turned into an art form, somewhat. I love the transparent quality of this piece, of course no visitors actually stood in front of this piece to evaluate or admire it, except me (shows how "weird" I can be when appreciating an art form). Hey, I appreciate all things, even Sunlight

This art pieces make me feel like I am in a form of hatred or denial within myself. At times it feels demonic and ghastly. The red, blue and green base colours seem to connote a specific emotion? Red being anger or passion. Blue being confused or panic. And of course green that suggests some form of envy. This delves into the Buyer's Psychology , but one as distorted as this is hard for me at least, to purchase any. Where could I place it? Maybe give it away to some religious places of worship to be hung at their walls or ceilings, as a sign that you better pray to escape damnation.

Hard-to-Wear Slippers
I don't know whether this is a product demo or an advertisement, but looking at the product itself - it doesn't seem to be wearable at all! Reading the copy, I discovered the product is a form of environment-friendly slippers. To walk, you need to use your front big toes to hold the little palm trees at the rear. The structure is so small, I can imagine the pain on my toes when I'm trying to walk in it! All this pain for the environment? I don't think slippers pollute the environment that seriously. Come on, seriously?

Anti-smoking Ad Campaign
Interestingly enough, advertisements are considered as an art form as well. I've worked in advertising before, and I believe it is valid. The 3 visuals show the burnt end of each object - a banana, lipstick and a teddy bear. The banana is used to connote the human sexual organ, lipstick to connote beauty and finally teddy bear for children. These are the negative effects you spread when you smoke.

My butt can hold?
From far, looks like an ice-cream cone, but look closer...This is a Do-It-Yourself kind of info poster and actual prototype of using all your discarded plastic bottles and turn it into a piece of furniture. Notice how many plastic bottles required to make a sofa-like chair and table? Then there's the styrofoam-like top to hold the seat or a flat plastic to make it into a table. Seriously, this project is for the astute and technically-superior. I wonder what will happen when I place my delicate buttocks on one of these.....surely collapse and fall flat! (haha, not that I have a big butt) But maybe I could use this cost-saving idea as stools for my students when my Coaching Classes get Bigger.

Acknowledgement - so simple, yet so rare
Want to know my reply to the VP? Being an actor in Malaysia for some time now, it's sad that our own industry people will still diss you aside like some unknown. They will still put you through the hardship of audition and all kinds of unprofessional attitude you have to put up with, giving you the treatment of a nobody. I used to let others treat me this way when I was still new, but there is a certain point when you just had enough. Artistes need to stand for themselves, especially for those with strong background. Even for new talents, they should be given equal respect too. I don't know why some people are the way they are....even in my own personal life, I need to make a stand. Acknowledgement of the self, of the person you are from others - so simple yet so rare, due to the fact that many people are so self-indulgent, constantly thinking only about themselves that may prevent any industry from growing. It's time we learn to acknowledge and respect the ideas and opinions of others. Only this way of open communication can we all truly lift each other up.

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