Friday, March 30, 2012

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After each class lecture, you are put immediately to practise. Your practise will be recorded onto a camera. Besides having a recorded version of your performance, this also encourages students to be brave on camera. The great thing about our Artiste Training Course's Video practical is you get to do it again and again and again. You get the chance to watch yourself, see what's "wrong" and improve yourself. Guidance is provided by the Coach - in the easiest way so you'll be comfortable enough to try again. Clear communication to help you, bring you up.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pudu - Kedai Kopi 3Dua. Different kind of toast, thin and lean.

Brownish bun-ish outside, not toast
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It was a hot day. And I was surveying the Pudu area. My stomach is growling a bit, but I have controlled myself not to eat too much in a go. Always go with something light. Hey, toast and iced milked tea. I actually have a love-hate realtionship with the Pudu place. It's a very blue-collar area, with rows of shops and knick-knacks. I remembered my first time there, and I felt so lost. Plus with the heat! Ai-yai-yai! Sometimes I get hungry from the heat, but thinking about it, it's more of the energy exerted after I've sweated so much.

Thankfully, I came across quite a clean coffee shop called the "Kedai Kopi 3Dua". I don't know what's the significance of the number 32, but it's probably to do with the age of owner when he first opened the shop. The surroundings of the coffee shop, as I've already mentioned is to cater to the blue-collar workers. I think I've noticed a few sex workers there too. A lot of foreign workers from Myanmar or maybe Thais, I don't know. There were a few kids looking so brown! I mean, Malaysian children aren't that exposed to the sun that much. Maybe it's their natural colour.

Prominent branding
Opposite of the coffee shop, I saw hair salons, and snooker centres. Right smack in the middle is The Store shopping mall. It's not really a mall, just the only air-conditioned place where the public can sit in and heave a sigh of comfort from the heat outside. When you're inside, all the same old tom dick and harry will be inside. Back to the kopitiam, I chose to sit at the corner. It happens that an adjoining Malay food stall outside is a related business arm with the kopitiam, because when I gave my order, the Indon waitress called the makcik outside to make my roti bakar. The drinks are from the kopitiam itself.

The food items - thin and quick
The teh ais is not bad actually, to my taste. At least I could taste the sweetness, as requested. It is frothy at the top, but underneath sometimes I swear I could taste some bitterness. The thing with the tea leaves - or the way they mixed it with the hot water, I don't know. Now the bread! Hmm, it's not exactly toast in your traditional toaster. In fact, when the roti bakar arrived, I thought it was the wrong order.

But when I picked it up and put it in my mouth, there's the burnt taste. The bread looks like it is baked, but actually it was also burnt on a pan - not exactly toasted with crisp. The kaya spread is unusual, not thick like I hoped it would be, but reasonable enough. It's bread, with its brownish bun-ish surface gave it an almost filling aftertaste. The price for both items is RM2.70, reasonable enough and definitely 50 cents cheaper than the one reviewed at Bukit Bintang.

The ambience of this kopitiam is nice enough that it would attract a normal passers-by like myself to enter and try. There's a lot of people passing by this kopitiam, for a moment I was kinda afraid for my belongings. There was a man stood behind me, I don't know if he were pretending to look around or wait for his friend, but I quickly grabbed my stuff and held it close to my front.

LIMITED TIME PROMOTION: RM300 per month you get 1 portfolio picture, 2 hours video practical, 4 hours class lessons on Artiste Training (you choose: Acting, Modelling, TV Hosting, Writing, Film Direction). Bring a friend to join and get RM50 off in your next month class. Minimum 3 months, you will get free movie tickets. Aspiring artistes, take ACTION NOW. Call 012-2350091 (after 1pm) TODAY! Now EVERYONE can afford to join!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Journey to a Simpler Life starts with its Simplest Joys : a cool drink and toast.

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Pride - Hindrance to a Simple Life
In Malaysia, you can find a lot of proud city folks walking around. I mean proud as if "I am better than you" that sort of way, even when you don't even know that person. I believe its the look they gave you, across the seat or just about anywhere in a public commute. Now, I am still trying to figure out what made this sort of people so proud of themselves - perhaps the way they dress or something they have that I don't they might have three tits? But come on, we're all human beings at the end of the day. If you happen to cross path or eye gaze with me, I'll always give a smile. But unfortunately, Malaysian cityfolks are rather "dead" in the expression area. The common courtesy to smile, especially in the service counters, no more.

Island Boy, Ahoy!
Really, I am not from the city, more like an island boy myself. People who lives in an island are all aware that they are connected with each other, and relies on each other. They don't look up on themselves, thinking they are of higher level, or better than others. After witnessing all this pride in the city, I took upon myself the challenge to go back to the basics - that is to enjoy the simpler things of life. It's not how much you earn, or where you live that determines your worth as a human being. Really, I cannot blame cityfolks for taking on their proud selves so blatantly for even in the news you read top government ministers' blatantly showing off their wealth. Disgusting.

Enough is enough. These pride will soon come crumbling down onto their faces, if not in this life, then the next for sure. For a simple guy like myself, I take it on myself NOT to be influenced by such dastard display and chase for the material luxury, but take the time to enjoy the moments of this brief life. Hey, I'm still young. I noticed how I wasted time by chasing after one unworthy worry over another, all for nothing. Life is the ability to enjoy the now. And that now always come with a cup of iced milk tea and toast - in local terms "Teh Ais" and "Roti Bakar".

Notice the frothy top (drink) and wafer thin toast
The Journey starts with a Cool Drink and Toast
Now I like these 2 food items because they're very simple and not hearty meals. I actually dislike eating heavy and prefer eating light. And these 2 items are great way to relax and dip in the ambience of a particular place - depending where I am. While I'm reporting this, I hope my readers here will also take the info to their advantage and will guide them in finding the best places to enjoy a cup of Teh Ais and Roti Bakar. OK, let's move on to my first review of the restaurant.

Now, the content is the Teh Ais and Roti Bakar. The form is just as important because it is where the content is housed. The form will be divided into these categories: Surroundings (of the restaurant or kopitiam), Price Watch (of the items), Taking Orders (how polite or impolite the waiters, accuracy of order taken) and Ambience (mostly to do with the arrangement of chairs and tables).

Restaurant staff hustling passers-by
Aggressive To Get My Business (Auww, touched)
I chose this restaurant situated opposite Low Yat Plaza as my first review because I came here often for the food. The wait staff is AGGRRESSIVE. I mean, if you were to step onto their pavement, they would hustle you to sit at their tables! I don't blame or hate them for this type of behavior, I salute them! It's difficult to get business, especially when your shop is smacked right in the middle of Bukit Bintang, a bustling city spot. I suppose the rent there must be high, hence this form of aggressive behavior.

Throwing ice away for it dilutes my drink
So I gave my orders - a Teh Ais and Roti Bakar. The Teh Ais has a rather coarse taste with a sugary sweet taste underneath. The look of the frothy bubbles at the top is similar to a cappucino you'll find at those posh upmarket cafes. But I don't want that. Unfortunately, the sweetness I seek for is not there. The Roti Bakar (toast) is very thin and wafer-ish taste to it, almost like eating biscuits. The butter and kaya is very sparse and not rich enough that you can taste. Saving on the juice, I see.

And the price! For these 2 items cost me like RM3.20. Not too favourable, and not value for money. But the ambiece is not bad. It is clustered within the area of a hotel and opposite is the Low Yat Plaza. I remembered being there at the New Year countdown, and the place is perfect to view the fireworks, but not for the teh ais and roti bakar.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Updates! Angry Birds Space Review (Yes, it definitely makes my bird angry)

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New Update: Angry Birds Space just opened a new section called "Utopia". I love the ice-cream, sweets, jellies and everything for the sweet-tooth as the background and obstacles for the birds to overcome.

Second New Update: Rovio is smart in their strategy of maintaining continuous interest in the Angry Birds games. I've just completed all the levels, and recently they've added new levels for Angry Birds Space (Red Planet), Angry Birds Seasons (Back to School and Piglantis). I love the Back to School segment, especially the new feature where the shot can turn into a bubble gum. The Red Planet segment is interesting too, it mimicks the Planet Mars, with geysers shooting, so you'll need to figure out the trajectory of the shot.

New Angry Birds review, click here: Red's Mighty Feathers

Get Angry
Who doesn't love Angry Birds? It's one of those fantastic games, and it's free! At least for Android users. I first came across this game from a friend who let me play on his tablet. My first impression is - it feels so "real". Like when I pull the elastic band and release the bird, it actually hits! I mean, there's a thumping sound, or some funny explosion boom. Like real gravity applies here, virtually. You can hear the sound of the pulling rubber band, then a range of funny, complimentary sounds and music.

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Your bird is mine
Even the names is catchy! I mean, come on, birds? And added with character like angry. Gosh, these birds are ready to attack! I love the sound effects in the game, with a range of birds' sounds and calling. It's a great game for those who are stressed out, so they can pour their anger towards those nasty monkeys. But really, this game requires plenty of thought. It's kinda intellectual too, for you need to guess the trajectory of your pull within a limited amount of birds. At each level, there's a totally new structure for you to elastic those birds at those annoying monkeys (Rio version) - amazingly simple and fun.

New Update: Angry Birds Seasons added a new section called "Piglantis". The theme is sea, with plenty of structures where you can elastic the birds. I find it just a tiny disappointing, because the whole game is not in the sea, per se, as described by the name. It's more like above the sea, on the surface where the action happens. Overall, I love this new section, and the music that is very enticing with the choir-like voices of mermaids?
After I got my tablet, I downloaded the Angry Birds Rio version. The first few times, seems easy. As I progressed further, it gets more challenging. I was surprised that I managed to complete the whole sections like "Smugglers' Den", "Jungle Escape", "Beach Volley", "Carnival Upheavel", "Airfield Chase" and "Smugglers' Plane". Bam! As I was progressing so well, comes Angry Birds Space.

Villain-y Pigs
It was such a pleasant surprise. And the feel of this version is totally different! Unlike the previous versions, this one is defying gravity! I was happy to see some new characters, especially in "Pig Bang". The piggy icon is green in colour, and so cute. But just as annoying as the monkeys in the Rio version! For the space, I noticed that gravity doesn't work anymore. So I have to totally adapt my pulling to a whole new environment! I enjoy making mistakes and see how the birds fly.

The graphics is totally different. I noticed there's aura and energy fields being animated in the graphics. Beautiful. It's also important to cue the players, especially when I am pulling the elastic, there's a reference dotted lines to give you an idea how far you can hit your target. This is an important feature, because a player needs to predict its trajectory since there's no gravity in space. I just realised in just one day, I've already reached level 23 in the Pig Bang section.

One little glitch
This game is addictive! It helps to while the time away when you're in a long commute. Also, to avoid unwanted eye contact with some "lan-see" commuters who come in and out like nobody's business. My only grouse with the Space version of Angry Birds is the screen went blank suddenly when I stopped playing the game for a minute. I have to tap the screen several times, and harder to make the game interface re-appear. Also, since it's still new, a few of the sections are not fully operational like "Cold Cuts" and one "Coming Soon". UPDATE: Rovio had fixed this little glitch already and "Cold Cuts" is cool.

Still, this game doesn't pump my adrenalin up, so I am able to stop a moment to think. You can call it a restful game to de-stress after a hard day at work. But there are moments where you do get frustrated and being made feel inferior because certain levels seems like impossible to complete! But everytime I managed to get through that level, what a sense of relief and accomplishment wash over me. The feeling was pleasant. It really does pushes you to think differently in attacking the various structures presented at various levels. I suspect the inspiration for this game comes from the movie "12 Angry Men".

Don't do the same thing and expect a different result
For a game like this, you need to try several times (unless you're very good at the game). But don't give up. You'll learn how far each shot lands and what it hits upon from various points. It teaches you to think differently. It's a great game to reflect on yourself, like why should you try on the same tricks again when it doesn't work? Soon, you'll have to try a different approach. And wham! Suddenly, you completely wiped out all those annoying monkeys and pigs. And a golden icon with a ringing cashier box appears. I love my birds....

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Love is Simple. Love is Kind. If you cannot grasp that, you'll need to unlearn.

Remember the saying "Love is Simple. Love is Kind"? Suddenly, it hits me that I have totally forgotten these powerful beautiful words. I believe it could have come from the Bible or somewhere, though I am not the overly-religious sort. But these words about love simply struck me like a lightning and compels me to write this entry. Looking back, I have to admit what a "mess" it has been for me before I arrived to this beautiful conclusion. The view of the whole world is totally transformed before my eyes.

I have experienced before, friends whom I know personally known, secretly hooked up behind my backs. But why? As I mirror back this awkward situation against the saying of "Love is Simple, Love is Kind", I noticed how much fear, guilt and worry these 2 friends of mine experienced - all for nothing. I mean, love should be something simple. If you love someone, just show it openly, what's more to another friend? There's no problem, unless there are problems already present in their heads. Or maybe, it's the urgent thrill of doing something secretly that makes them feel more superior or better than others?

Complex doesn't make Love
Come to think about it, I can feel how complicated lives have been as an adult. Like my two friends, I know they have talked in length about their lives - financially, past personal experiences, fears etc for like 9 hours! It's really, really that complex. And then comes the issue of compatibility, shared responsibilities etc. My god, no wonder it's getting harder and harder to find love in this world now! So all you single folks out there, REJOICE! Deep inside, re-claim your simplicity for love, because you know it is the best kind of love of all. Simple Love.

You see, simplicity is powerful. Look at me. Now I know why I have been sad and depressed lately, simply because the world outside is making "love" complex. I don't even want to describe it, but you all know. The magazines will tell you to get love, you have to be a certain way, wear a certain brand of clothing etc. But simplicity cuts through all that crap, man. Politicians talked about "my race, your race". I say, shove it. You are giving me a headache, and all I want is simplicity.

Kindness is Simple
Love is Kind. Yes! Kindness. Nothing is harsh with love. Nothing hurried, fast or emotionally explosive about love. Emotional explosion is close to lust, not love OK? Madness, anger, jealousy, all that jazz is the outcome from not loving simply. (see how important it is to love simply?) That's why so many singles out there, because they love themselves, right guys? Kindness is clarity and objective. You don't expect something back from doing something for other people. If you cannot live with that, then don't do it. What's even worst is, don't even dare promise you do it. Because then, it is not love. That's why it's easier to love thyself.

Look back at my two friends again, after they've hooked up, I think there was a period where they felt "guilty" for hooking up behind my back. But I told them, that's nonsense! I am happy for them. I think they are a great example in which I can also examine myself, for now I cherish how simplicity is so powerful in determining whether love truly exists in a relationship or not. But now, they have been quiet, I don't know what happen, but one can guess. It's so clear, I don't even have to say it.

To be simple, is not as simple as it sounds, mind you, dear readers. I myself, have been guilty, to subconsciously make my life complicated. I think it's the vicious cycle. When your boss or work demands you to be in a certain way, complexity sets in. And all that we've learned from primary school up until university have been skewed narrowly towards that great career with good money. But seriously, this life is simple. So simple, you'll soon hit a brick wall on your head, and realized quite bitterly that it is all for nothing. You live. You die. But did you love?

More money, more Love?
To love, for people nowadays means money. How we have equate love with money, that it becomes one so seamlessly. But do you know, once money sets in, control also sets in. I don't know why so many people works for the money. Job ads shouted big pay, this and that. Do you know that it is our nature to be simple? When something as complex as merging love with money into one, most of us tend to complicate our lives unknowingly. Stress from work. Migraines.

I have a friend who treated me dinner, occasionally, only at his convenience. It's all fine, because I like him as a friend, simple as that. But sometimes, it becomes difficult for me, when he wants to be in control during conversations and uttered controlling words like "I'm paying for the meal, so you don't get to dictate", along that line. Again, this sort of control in a relationship is what makes love difficult. You imprison that someone you love. This not only happens between couples, but among friends as well.

There's no Grey in Love. It's all simply Red!
Back to the "Love is Simple, Love is Kind", I quite never shake it out of my head! For me, simplicity is strength. That's what makes love so easy. It should be simple. Like my Artiste Training Course, I have the RM2500 for 18 classes. Simple as that. You take it, or leave it. There's no grey lines, like whether I can take just 1 hour per class and then transfer it to the next session...NO. That is too complex.

So where does all these hiding, manipulating, lying, masking, deceiving comes from? Simply put, we must all UNLEARN what we have learned. It's not as easy as it sounds, mind you. It took me over a decade to figure this out, and I'm still unlearning. People tell you other races have their own agendas, to mix with your own race, your own type of friends, people. People tell you must work hard to earn money, or study hard to get a good degree. But life doesn't care about these things. Life is bigger and simpler than that. You live. You die. But have you ever, truly, honestly love?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Power of Positive Thinking - Look Up and Smell the Sky or Ceiling.

Serenity from above
Easier to be Negative
I know it's very hard to stay positive in our society today. Especially if you're living in a city like Kuala Lumpur, where the demands from your superiors, bosses, managers and the monetary pressures to keep up with your peers are a constant never-ending cycle that could be damaging to you mentally, psychologically and physically. But take a moment to spare, and think really deep. What or where is the source of all these negativity pervading in our society today? All sorts of negativity that can pull us all down, like:

The Age of Haters
Emasculation of the Chinese Male in Media
The Over Emphasis of Hardware over Software
How My "Friend" Make Plus-sized Looks Bad
City Folks' Sitting Culture (BM)
How to Identify Monsters Anywhere
Habits of Local Talent (BM)
Lessons learned from "Friends"
Malaysian "Mega-Structures" Hits & Misses
Speaking Chinese Because I'm Chinese?

Get Out from Your Shell
I have a friend from Germany who came to KL recently for a visit, and he requested me to take him to Batu Caves. We went there a day after the Thaipusam celebration. Upon arrival, we saw a massive trail of thrash consists of coconut shells, paper bags, bottles and aluminium cans strewn along the road. So we took the long staircase up to the caves. In my heart, I imagined life can be like this. You can either view the long staircase up as a nuisance, or you can simply enjoy every step of the way. And boy, I enjoyed every step of it.

Relaxing lighting
It was a hot morning, but the fact is, it was my first time climbing up to Bate Caves. I must admit it's a shame that I've never take the effort to go there, until my German friend wanted to go and I volunteered to guide him. Upon entering the cave, I imagine the times when civilization that exists before us. I can imagine those cavemen and women, who must have lived in this gigantic cave before us. The massive structure of the cave made me feel how insignificant all our problems are - be it financial, business, friendship etc. It's all a big waste of energy to worry about all that, in the presence of such a magnificent structure created by a higher power.

Square patches
Our Problems are only One
For a moment, I was in wonderment. All my worries and stress that I have to deal with become a tiny pebble. You see, all problems of humankind are self-created. The pursuit of money, fame and power are perpetuated by the capitalistic machinery. Nowadays, I am very aware of the magazines I read, because magazines are the epitome of materialism. In it, they are encouraging you to become like that person on the cover, and in order to become that, you just buy the magazine, go through the print advertisements and instantly you'll become part of that group. As if, life is as glamorous as they seems at:

Fire-y Dragon Displays
Christmas 2011 Display
MaSIF Fashion Review
Fashion Sales Preview Party

Touch the bottom for luck and serenity
All in all, it's really a big nothing. The soul needs replenishment, and capitalism doesn't fulfill anything the soul   hungers for. Therein lies the importance of POSITIVE THINKING. It's really not easy to reach the stage of positive-minded, because it takes a lot of self-examination first. A lot of people are negative without realising so. Like myself, I used to be very critical and demanding, thinking I have the right to deserve the best. But the world does not revolve around your needs and wants. Everybody wants results instantly, but that does not happen in reality. Results like:
Full Attendance
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Boxed lights
The World Does Not Revolves Around You
So what do you do when you don't get what you want? For some, when their needs are not met, they could be destructive to themselves and lash it out at others. It happens to bosses and superiors, who many are deemed as psychotic bosses, and there's many of them! But being "psychotic" is not the way to get your staff to do the things you want them to. There must be a better way.

If you steal other people's banana,
someone else will STEAL YOURS!

Karma is still Alive
Remember there's karma. Do to others what you want others to do unto you. And it's so true. Whenever people treated me unkindly, or rudely, I know I don't even have to react or respond in anyway. When my friends were secretly planning something behind my backs without my knowledge, I don't even have to feel angry or disappointed at them. You know why? That is because of karma. Channel your focus instead on building yourself. When you let others get to you, then they win. Most people I know just switch off and went shopping. Below are some links to my past SHOPPING TIPS for PRODUCTS:
The Buyer's Psychology
Money-Saving Tips
How to be a Smart Shopper (Grocery Goods)
Tips for Buying Shoes (Sneakers)
Instant Noodles (Mee Goreng) Review
The Perfectionist Shopper
Shopping Tips for Electronic Gadgets
Music Player Review
Taking Care of Your Umbrella
Tips for Buying the Best Diary
The Best Tablet

Taming the chicken to calm down
Sometimes I figure we're all like chickens running here and there in a hurry, and not taking a moment to stop and contemplate. Not many top executives and managers can do that. Most of them are pulled into the pressure. Here's where a Personal Coach can help. A lot of executives think they can handle the situation well and without other's help. Well, all I can say is, don't let pride destroys you. Because pride is blinding. It blinds you to the real tricks your enemies are conjuring up behind the veil they surrounded you with. A good manager must be able to determine which are the lies from the truth. And it's not easy to do that anymore, because our society believes in the lies more than the truth.

What is the truth then? A good Communications Strategy Coach will do you even more good like preparing you for (sample tips here):
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