Saturday, May 11, 2013

Now known in Europe and Worldwide

Fulfilment to the soul for me is more important. Perhaps that's why I'm "foolish" enough to choose on the path of being an Actor (quite unintentionally), and now a full-fledged internationally-known Artiste. The photo exhibit where I'm portrayed so beautifully by world-famous photographer Francoise Huguier (picture) is now open to the Malaysian public after travelling around the world capital cities. Notice the portrait hanging behind us, that's a picture of me as an actor.

This is in conjunction with the French Art and Film Festival. The photo exhibit is shown all around the major cities of the world.

Finally, received the official movie poster from the director. This film is where I was recognised as BEST ACTOR

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Important disclaimer: I have totally no say as to which picture get selected for the photo exhibit - it's all out of my hand. If the photographer finds that this is the best picture, then it's her expertise that counts. Personally for me, I cannot see myself in pictures, I still have to learn that. But a picture is forever. And to see it crystallise, frozen in time. In this case, frozen in such a beautiful frame - I am honored! When this picture was taken, I imagined Stevie Wonder singing to me. Which song? Only I know.

I feel as tall as the KLCC towers. My first impression of this picture of me was - so sexy! Imagine me being at the exhibit with so many people passing by and seeing this portrait, I began to blushed! Of course, I've taken other sexy pictures before. A lot of people passing by have been giving me a stare, some were courteous to greet me. But this portrait with my eyes intent on the camera really pulls the viewer in, and I understand why the photographer picked this one for display. Great job, Francoise!