Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why a Chinese person should eat at Chinese restaurants. Save Yourself the Sorrow of trying to be "Multi-Cultural" in Malaysia.

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I wish I could love mamak restaurants. Unfortunately, there's only a few that I like in KL. Only a very select few, 2 shops that I like in fact. The rest? Well, let me recount this awfully bad incident for you. There's one that's situated very strategically right across the LRT station Taman Bahagia. I don't know why I don't see any Chinese food restaurants that is placed nearer to LRT stations, so for convenience sake I have to go to this Mamak shop, which is nearer for I was so hungry. This Mamak restaurant have large spaces, internet connection and giant screen TVs. Sounds nice, but wait...

I don't know why they hire waiters that doesn't know how to be friendly to their customers. There's this one dwarfish, short, plumpish and charcoal skin guy, probably not our local people. He often takes care of the ala-carte section where all the dishes are spread for customers ordering rice. So I sat there and called him "Ah-ne" (means brother), and he pretends not to hear me. Fine. He doesn't want to serve customers who only orders drinks. But he then started acting rude and mumbled some Indian words at me, for speaking to him. Excuse me? A customer calling the waiter to order drinks is rude? Maybe he doesn't think himself a waiter, more like a coordinator, but what's the difference? I am hungry and needs to order. Then I ask the so-called young manager to reconcile the situation but he sided him and said I shouldn't call onto him "rudely". Instead of the waiter adapting to the customer, the customer needs to be adaptable.

This type of waiter expected to be treated like a king. You cannot place your orders to him, if you only order drinks. You have to eat the food there as well too. And he keeps grudges against his customers too. I remembered I request nicely to turn on the ceiling fan where I sat for it was a hot afternoon, and that same waiter said since I didn't order any food, I don't have the right to use the fan. Perfect! With this type of attitude, don't even expect me to come back for the drink. In fact, the teh tarik there costs more than other places. No doubt they have giant screen TVs and internet connections, but it makes customers uncomfortable to have a waiter like that hovering around with his rude ready-to-attack attitude. I think it's because I'm single and Chinese, so an easy prey for these pricks to prey upon. Sorry, I won't pretend to be friendly to you just because you're Indian or Malay. I'm not here to make friends to you, I'm here to order my food and drinks! My very patronage to your restaurant already shows that I'm ready to give you my business, but when you judge me by my order and then talks back at me like I don't exist, that's it.

Then another one I went to in KL, also with good wi-fi connection, located right opposite UO shopping centre at Chow Kit, where you have to turn into a road. There's this fat brown-skinned waiter (probably from Pakistan) who makes the chapati and roti at the front. Nothing against him, except probably his failure to be friendly to customers, who are not like him. I just don't like to order anything from him or even talk to him. All the patrons there are either Pakistani or Bangladeshis. The worst one that I disliked the most is the bossy female cook, from Indonesia who cooks the Malay food. She demanded one time that the drinks be charged extra for adding more sweetened milk to the teh tarik. As if I give fart...I asked for it anyway and the counter never charge me any extra. She's only a staff there. Will these waiters ever learn? I doubt so, but if they want to, below are the points anyone in the service industry must change:
* Calculative on order
* Judgemental on customer's profile: race, religion
* Talk back at customer
* Keep grudges
* Act like the king - the customer must be nice first, then can order

So there you have it. Why a single Chinese person is better off being a patron to Chinese restaurants and coffeeshops. Even though Chinese food coffeeshops and cafes locations are not placed conveniently near the LRT station or bus stops, but remember you as a Chinese is their only customer clientele. Our Malay friends could never give them any business, but they can take business from us - not vice versa. It's not racial. It's economical sense. Take a look around you. There's aren't that many Chinese coffee shops in KL anymore. They're going extinct even sooner, if you don't contribute your business or do something. Save yourself the hypocritical pretense of showing how "multi-cultural" you can be. Nobody cares if you eat Mamak restaurant. Just eat at the place you feel comfortable. As for me - better spend my hard-earned cash at the 2 Mamak restaurants that is nice to me as a customer.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Hard headed Fools

Stupid people are everywhere in KL. I was walking to my home, and there's this car speeding right across the road when I'm already at the middle of the road crossing. Then the driver gave a loud continuous honk, just because I managed to cut across the road first. Dissatisfied, the car stopped at the road, where I stopped too and turned and gave a look at the car plate starts with PNE××××. And mind you, this is a residential area! Hard-headed fools are everywhere in KL, but ignorant of their own dangerous ways. You can never rationalise or talk with fools like this. May their cars crash to their own deaths first before causing harm to other innocent walking civilians.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Here's what happens when you eat too much

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It's more important for single people to celebrate their birthdays than attached couples. A birthday is a form of self reflection of where you are now, and where you're off to next. I truly appreciate all my friends who celebrated my birthday. I have a couple of friends whom became a couple after I reunited both of them. This is my 3rd birthday celebration for this year alone and I always am thankful for the fruits of my labor. I cherished and worked hard for my friendships. So when this couple decided to treat me on a Sunday afternoon, I tried to wake myself up, which I usually would sleep through. Feeling a bit drowsy, I have to stir up my friendly face to meet them.

We went to Secret Recipe, which my friend assumed was my favourite restaurant. Feeling still a bit drowsy, I have to flip through the menu and order. I ordered the Lamb chop for the main course, a Turkey delight cake and iced White Coffee. Usually I won't eat such a hefty meal right after waking up, and my meals will usually be small in proportions. But this is different, and seeing I am here, I want to try the best the menu has to offer.

While we waited for the food to arrive, I tried to connect with the wi-fi and found the connection was extremely poor. So I decided to focus on my these 2 friends of mine who are now a couple for 2 years already. I enjoyed seeing my friends hooking up with each other and supporting each other. The boy is living at the girl's place and paying half the rent, even though the location is much further from his workplace. The boy is going after a job interview Assistant Vice President. At first hearing, I was impressed but the Assistant word lends reality to the actual job.

We talked about my Penang trip and compared lives of our friends. By that time, the food arrived and we begin to eat.The lamb was extremely thick with gravy, and the meat was so tender. My friend quickly quipped in and said the preparation for the lamb took overnite and it's plenty of work to cook the lamb. Listening to her quips, I enjoyed it even more.

Too much food changes the mood and senses of a person. Combine that with a somewhat lack of sleep, and the emotions produced are ones that border between jealousy, restlessness and amour. Observing my friends, the girl's hair are let grown to be long. After their meal, both of them sat back and unintentionally revealed their tummies. Yes, I finally spot some incongruous imperfection of couplehood, where both are gaining weight. Much to my delight to quell the dissatisfaction of love holds eternal.

My mind is lulled by the attention of what to talk about, as to not crossing the line of gossiping. The girl brought up the issue of another couple just like them who recently posted a picture of them eating and wishing Selamat Berpuasa, which landed them in the hot soup of the law. That couple was infamous for posting their sexual escapades on their blog. How the chase for fame resulted in stupidity due to our young people unable to put things in perspective and context. And there's so many of them out there!

Soon, my Turkish delight cake arrived. It was my first time tasting it. The whole of the piece is dark, but when I cut a piece out from the top, it's all chocolate. The base is tougher to cut through using a fork, and need the strength of my fingers to pull the hardened strawberries and nuts underneath.

Soon we were too full to even talk, and my eyes were wondering and caught the girl's hand brushing up the thighs of the boy. An electric of amorous signal was sent, but the boy was quite indifferent. I supposed when I was chattering, my attention weren't spread evenly, this is what happens when one eats too much. It conjures all the feeling of restlessness that needs some balance of restfulness.

After leaving the restaurant, I felt a slowing buildup of energy coming from the food, and my mind were going places. So I travelled to the busiest part of the city to buy some sweet dessert. But upon arrival and scouting through the stalls, none were purchased due to the still fullness of the Turkish delight. The effects of gluttony is intoxicating and edges my attention to a half-dream, half-hopelessness. Quickly, I snapped out of it, knowing all these are pointless urgings from eating too much and renew my hope that better things are yet to come...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Petua membeli di pasar ramadan secara bijak dan menjimat (BM)

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Bulan ramadan ini dipenuhi dengan pelbagai pasar ramadan yang bertaburan di merata-rata bagai cendawan berputik waktu musim hujan. Pilihan juadah buka raya pun beribu-ribu jenis menyebabkan kekeliruan bagi mereka yang ingin mencari juadah yang sesuai. Disebabkan pilihan yang beribu, maka petua diperlukan untuk membuat pilihan yang bijak sewaktu melawat di pasar ramadan yang sibuk dengan pembeli.

Petua 1: Fizikal Si penjual
Fizikal si penjual penting untuk menentukan pilihan yang sesuai. Si penjual yang kurus menjadi kriteria utama kerana membuktikan kesusahan yang dialami oleh si penjual tersebut. Ia juga merupakan pilihan yang bijak, memandangkan si penjual yang kurus dan berkulit gelap betul-betul mengalami kesusahan hidup menjaja, maka mereka betul-betul memerlukan perniagaan jika dibandingkan dengan si penjual yang lebih bertubuh besar. Fizikal menjadi pilihan utama kepada sesiapa yang ingin memberikan rezeki kepada mereka yang betul-betul memerlukannya termasuk juga kebersihan si penjual itu sendiri.

Petua 2: Susunan Juadah
Kebanyakan juadah, khususnya kuih-muih akan dipotong dan dibahagikan terlebih dahulu sebelum dijual. Memandangkan pembahagian yang serata teramat penting kerana pembeli akan merasa lebih selamat jikalau pilihan kuih terletak pada tangan si penjual. Ketidak susunan kuih muih pula akan menyebabkan pemilihan kuih yang kurang isinya jikalau sudah ada pembeli yang lain yang telah membuat pilihan sebelum ini. Letakkan kuasa memilih kuih di tangan pembeli jikalau ada susunan kuih yang dari segi saiz yang tidak seimbang terutamanya juadah seperti kuih muih, kek dan jeli.

Petua 3: Ikut Waktu
Ada masa nya pada saat-saat terlewat, harga juadah diturunkan. Maka menjadi teramat berbaloi untuk membeli. Tetapi amaran kerana tahap kesegaran juadah menjadi tanda tanya. Ada yang awal beli juadah berbuka, dan pada waktu tersebut mendapati pilihan lebih senang dilakukan, tetapi harga adalah biasa tanpa diskaun. Paling selamat memilih gerai yang kurang pembeli berkumpul, jika dalam masa terdesak. Jika masa senang, maka pilih lah gerai yang kelihatan ramai pembeli berkerumun di sekeliling - tetapi tahap kesedapan juadah tersebut tidak terjamin. Ada penjual yang kurang mahir mengendalikan pembeli yang ramai atau cara masak menjadi kurang teliti ( contoh kuey teow goreng atau roti apam) menyebabkan juadah kurang masak. Situasi sebegini boleh dielakkan dengan membeli di gerai yang kurang pembelinya.

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dome Cafe, Pavillion

Being a birthday boy has its advantages. And also many good friends who appreciated my friendship over the years. One of them is my ex-student. We went to Dome Cafe, for he wanted to treat me. I ordered the Creamy Seafood Pasta, Caramel Macadamia Cheesecake and the Hot Chocolate. My friend ordered the Spicy Chicken and Mushroom Pasta, Chai Latte and Apple Blueberry Pie.

The creamy seafood pasta was fantastic, an array of seafood goodies soaked in creamy gravy. I counted 3 shrimps, my friend took one of it. In turn, I got to taste his Spicy Chicken and Mushroom Pasta, though I only got the chicken part. The pasta was equally delicious with spicy ness that doesn't make me sweat like a pig, perfect!  Then there was the cake.

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The ambience in the Dome is extremely cosy with its wood furnishings, especially the ceiling dome with the map of the world above. The lighting in the restaurant is warm with its brownish lighting. Everything in the space feels brown, or golden from the cabinet at the main counter. Its a classic kind of ambience with an emphasis of the old world charms, especially with the rotating ceiling fans.

Friday, July 12, 2013

La Fleur - Good Ambience, but Set Lunches need more ooomph.

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On my birthday, I wanted to try something new. At Taman Mayang, I spotted a small restaurant with quite interesting set lunch description on its menu. I needed a wifi connection, so I decided to go in and try out. The restaurant occupies half of the space, where the other half operates as a flowers and goft shop. It may feel small, but tables on the sides are arranged horizontal on one side and vertical the other.

I ordered the omelette rice. The eggs are nicely cooked with some sausage meat and vegetables (no tomatoes). The big surprise came to me when I break the omelette to scoop the rice. It's white rice and not fried like what I've expected. It made feel somewhat "cheated" by this order, for thr main course doesn't give me much satisfaction. The other side orders given is iced tea and clear soup.

So I supposed the only thing to please me would be the ambience of the restaurant. The air conditioning works well and nice for a hot afternoon day. But would I come back again? Probably not, because I got the feeling the description of the food matches not my expectation. I love that they provides electric socket to connect to your laptop or tablet for power supply. And the password for wifi acess is written and placed under the glass of the dining table.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

First to Review: Pacific Rim and The Lone Ranger

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Being on my birthday it's always fortunate, for there are plenty of Hollywood blockbuster movies showing in the cinemas. There is no room for boredom, and plenty of visual excitement at the theatres. I select Pacific Rim, because it opens on my birthday today! (11 July) This is a $190 million movie, and you can expect there to be plenty of action. I'm also a fan of director Guillermo Del Toro, watching his last big-budget movie being Hellboy 2. Pacific Rim receives much hype due to its extraordinary giant robots, called Jaeger (German word for hunter) fighting those humongous alien monsters called Kaiju (Japanese word literally means "strange beast).

The preview before the movie opens was really eye-popping - seeing a huge robot, that resembles almost like Transformers fighting those Kaijus. The difference between this Jaeger is that it cannot transforms itself into a car or a flying airplane. It also needs to be airlifted and carried by helicopters, which leaves me wondering these helicopters must be really powerful to carry these Jaegers. Where do human actors play a part in this big-budget science fiction movie? Thankfully, Jaegers need humans to operate them.

The actors in the movie are not big names, like say Johnny Depp. Of course, the human story and dialogue is not the main attraction of a movie like this scale, the Jaegers and Kaijus are. The human story arc is pretty basic: adopted Japanese daughter (Rinko Kikuchi) with his African-British father hero played by Idris Elba), father and son, then twin brothers connection and the death of the other half. The story about various types of relationships are there, but not delved in too deeply. Then there were the usual tech nerds and story of world apocalypse....

The main selling point of this movie is the fantastic special effects. Take note of the Kaiju's blood being fluroscent blue and the array of colourful lights in the city of Hong Kong where a majority of the battles took place. In comparison with the other big-budget movie The Lone Ranger - the colours are mostly monotonous black or white. It's a Western, therefore a tough sell to the audiences. But I truly enjoy the special effects too, being it's not as explicit as Pacific Rim, but more "hidden", like the railway train sequences.

The opening of The Lone Ranger is very well-written, for I can see how the script dictates the opening. Unfortunately the end left much to be desired. Being a western genre, I have to express my favourite being the railway train action sequences, if nothing else. Of course Johnny Depp's Tonto character is a scream, with his costume and make-up such an inspiration for any actor to have. But this movie first reminds me of Zorro when the Lone Ranger character wears a mask. From there, I began to see a lot of similarities.

Like the desert, the Zorro movie too is set in a dry and hot weather. Then there's the train sequence and chase for minerals like gold and silver. The villains Butch Cavendish stood out here because he eats human parts. Both the Lone Ranger and Zorro lost their brothers in a fight, and both seeks revenge. So you can see the formula working here again for this movie. But there's a few great extras like Tonto. The beginning action sequence feels very much like Steven Spielberg's Indiana Jones, with shadows and moments of surprise of the hero catching the villain and vice versa.

Both of these movies are best watch in cinemas with the big screens and all. If you love colours, giant robots and aliens, choose Pacific Rim. If you love the country, comedy and some cool railway action sequences, then choose The Lone Ranger. Both movies are meant to entertain, and they do!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Angry Birds: Red's Mighty Feathers Game Review

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You guys know what a big Angry Birds fan I am. It's always pleasant whenever I receive updates from Rovio, that usually means a new segment is added to my Angry Birds game app. This new segment is called Red's Mighty Feathers. This is a very unique new segment, because unlike the others, Red has now become the only Angry Bird character to receive the main attention. You can also read my Angry Birds Space Review (it receives nearly 10,000 hits). Thank you all for reading!

Weak Bird  No More
This attention is long overdue because in the past, Red seems like the weakest member of the Angry Birds team.The Yellow Bird can speeds forward with great impact. The Green Bird is able to rotate backwards after a tap to hit at great impact, and the Blue Bird is able to split into three to hit the various points of a structure. But Red? It's the only bird without any special abilities when I tap on screen - it's function is very straightforward, just hit on the structure and that is even without a strong impact - poor Red. Maybe it's also why it make Red so angry, for not having special powers compared to the rest of the birds.

Much Deserved Attention
But now with this new segment - Red's Mighty Feathers, it seems the Rovio team finally gave Red it's much deserved recognition. After all, in all its advertising - the Red Bird is featured prominently like the hero, but strange enough in the past, it does not display any special power, until now. The Red's Mighty feathers still needs to be pulled from the elastic band and released. But this this time, the player is able to touch on the point of impact. It's unlike the other segments where you have giant structures to bring down. For this segment, you have the Green Angry Piggies instead, in their vehicles. The Green Piggies objective is to steal the egg in the nest, and Red is there to prevent that from happening. You can understand more the motivation why the Green Piggies wanted to steal the eggs by watching the Angry Birds Toons. Personally, the cartoons left much to be improved upon, except it serves to give some background story to the already world famous Angry Birds game. I specially enjoyed the Green Piggies segments - especially the ugly King - so decadent and yucky!

Tips to Play
Red's Mighty Feathers can be a pretty tough game to play, because you need to predict the target on which part of the Green Piggies vehicle to disable from reaching the egg's nest in addition to knowing which direction to pull the elastic for trajectory. Depending on the screen size of your tablet or smartphone, I cannot seem to enlarge the view to anticipate which Green Piggies vehicle is heading towards the egg nest. It's always a surprise - you get a helicopter or some form of balloon-protected vehicle where Red would bounce off from the target. Watch out for the fan propellers and steel frame, for you won't do much good aiming Red at those. And those Green Piggies are moving fast to approach to steal the eggs, so you need to elastic fast too. The Green Piggies vehicle got some form of plastic suction that's able to pull the eggs away from the nest, even Red is not spared from the wind suction - so beware where you elastic your Red, because Red could be sucked into the plastic cone too. Try to spot the TNT part of the vehicle and hit on it, for it would disabled the whole Green Piggies vehicle in an explosion. So go play and enjoy!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Jury Duty for Local Awards Show

It's always an honor when I am invited to judge any particular awards category. This proves that the party involved respects my judgement and choice in the awarded category. It takes one who've been judged before in the Best Actor  category to be a good and fair judge to others. Everyone have their personal choices. As for me, looks are not everything. The content is more important. For me, the way the story or song is articulated, presented and told by the artiste is questioned and hopefully answered before the story or song ends. Some pieces do, some do not and left a very strange after taste.

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Jury Duty Appointment Letter
My first jury duty was way back when I was a student in TV3 Academy, the pioneering first batch. I was the only non-Malay student to be selected in the panel of judges for the glamorous and distinguished Anugerah Skrin awards show at that time. My looks can look very Malay (due to my chameleon-like ability to reflect the people around me?) so it was easy to blend in with the panel of judges. My manner during the judging process were to have an open mind and learn at the same time. I believed the reason I was selected for the jury duty was due to my language prowess and understanding of what makes a good piece of film, music and TV show. Of course, my choice alone matters not, and involves a general consensus among the other jurors. It can be tiring at times, but for me - I won't usually fight for a particular choice of mine, since art is very subjective - everyone is entitled to their opinion. Winners will only be revealed on the gala night, and jurors are not allowed to make any speculation as to who would win to the media. As always, the winners may not always be the best. So for those nominated, that nomination itself you can consider a winner too, cheer up!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Stuff Magazine 9th Annual Party Review - Better Performances, Lower Gifts Giveaways

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Red carpet entrance
This is the second time I got invited for Stuff Magazine annual party held at Studio Lounge, Tropicana City Mall. As usual, I invited my other friend along. This time, the organisers sort of made us "wait" in line to collect our drink tickets and goodies bag, as compared to last year where it was really easy breezy entrance with not so much checks. The line is divided into VIPs lane and non-VIP. My other friend, of course were thinking we were in the VIP lane, but as it turns out it's really for the organisers and sponsors of the event. The entrance was in red carpet where a photographer was ready to snap pictures.

One emcee only
The stage were slightly bigger compared to last year's venue. Here we get to see the welcoming speech from the editor of the magazine, Eric. This time, we only have one male emcee, as compared to last year's - there were two. I sensed a lack of camaraderie and chemistry between the audience and the emcee. To read about last year's review, click here: Stuff Magazine 8th Anniversary

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Quieter Ambience
As usual, both of us found the centre front seat reserved for us - meaning it was empty and welcoming. It's actually a perfect place to enjoy the coming performances, like where we sat last year. This time around, we entered into a relatively noise-less atmosphere, which is better compared to last year's extremely hi-decibel ear-pounding music. This time, both of us were able to talk to each other without straining our throats.

Finally - finger foods!
 I must compliment the staff and promoters at the Lounge. They really listened to my request and brought us food! Sausages and sandwiches, and 4 bottles of Heineken beers. This is better than last year's. Now, not everyone at the floor get food and it's only our table that received such goodies. Apparently, only VIPs received finger foods.

Mickey Mouse Magic
This year's annual party have some "meat" to its performance part. In the itinerary, there was a mention of a magic show. When a muscular guy first got onto the stage, I thought it was going to be some strip show on stage, but it turns out he's the magician. All the women behind us cheered loudly, only them at first. The magician's (the guy all in black) first trick was arousing the senses of the female participant.

Mind Tricks
His second trick was guessing the correct order of the female participant's taste of each of the different beverages in the cup. Nothing too fantastic, like what I would have expected. But the magician's guess was accurate. Unfortunately, his prop preparation was very poor for the cups and labels aren't sticking to each other properly.

Dust Appear-Disappear!
His last trick was quite interesting. This time, he made 3 vials of colored dusts disappeared in the water. First, he poured them into a bowl of water, then stirred them into a colored liquid. After a second stir, the water finally becomes clear again! The dust "magically" appears from his hands. Again, it's a small scale performance I would nicknamed as Mickey Mouse magic which leaves much room for awe. It's entertaining still, with the magician really trying hard to impress.

Bang Bang Band
The final performance of the night before the lucky draw was this indie band. Their music needs a certain getting used to, where I've finally caught onto their passive-aggressive rock tempo. I must be drunk by then, for I needed the music just to keep me lucid. I remembered getting really chatty and charged up while my friend simply sits there like a stone. He's such a low energy, while I'm so up there. I suspect he must be anticipating with the lucky draws, being materialistic as he is. Last year I got a pair of expensive headphones, so he must be slightly envious.

Goodies Bag
My friend was surprised that I got something from the lucky draw - a Memorex portable speaker, while he got a T-shirt. This must have got him burning with jealousy, for on the way back he wanted to exchange his gift with mine. Last year's prize giveaway was better conducted because of some form of challenge, but this year's challenge was rather ambiguous and hard to determine the winner. Personally for me, I don't feel the winner deserve the HTC One handset. What a waste....oops, must be the drunkard in me talking....If anyone of you guys want to purchase the goodies (it's all brand new), they are: Memorex Portable Speaker, Mini Tote 8 (a small bag to put your lunch boxes and food containers) and Toddygear Premium Wiper (a cloth to wipe the screen of your smart devices). Simply email me: krislawfanclub@gmail.com

Sunday, July 7, 2013

My last leg in Penang trip, Part 12.

My birthday pie
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July is the month of Hollywood big-budget movies releases and also my birthday. Before I'm off to Pulau Redang for my photoshoot as an exotic island boy role (award-recognised actor can work as model too, you know?) for a calendar - I was on my last leg in my trip to Penang. It was a pleasant meet with old friends after more than 5 years. How time passes by so fast! What have I been doing all that time? Let me recap: main starring in an international Commercial, get recognised as Best Actor and now becoming known in Europe . Wow, have I really done all that? I need some time to catch a breath.

To relax, it's always nice to meet old friends and talk about them (sorry, with them). Things are bound to change about them - a wrinkle there, or a wart to the left temple, or some such thing I may not spot underneath their neat clothing. But surprise, surprise...everyone looks "almost the same." Come on, we all love to talk about people. And in my mind, I was already in full mode of "talking" about them, haha!

But it's all done in the spirit of good, clean fun to relax the mind. I don't want to reveal people's names, so it's best to put a label on them that suits them best at the time of meeting. This gathering was the idea of my married friend, let's call him Mr.Stonato. So it's not my fault that I get the thrill of doing the name-labelling here, for it wasn't my intention of having a meeting with them in the first place. There's always a reason why I put a name on these friends of mine. For my friend who initiated this meeting, stonato means literally stoned or tired. This is due to him being a new father and have to take care of his crying child. Really he looks thinner than the last time I met him, and largely due to his commitment to taking care of his child.

Mr.Stonato was late, so he passed me on to two other of my friends - Mr.Baby Bottom and Mr.Snake. Mr.Snake rightly fits his description because of the way he talks that shares nothing real of himself but aimed his awful jokes onto others (in that case my poor friend Mr. Baby Bottom), but when he wants to do something for his own sake he will pull in the whole group as if the rest of the us already agrees with it. This is probably due to his own self-loathing that keeps getting his own head bigger and bigger. This is verified and validated true even from Mr.Snake himself, because when I told it right to his face, he personally agreed with my acute, sharp description.

Mr. Baby Bottom is in his usual jovial self but he can be deceiving when up to his own tricks. He asked me to join his internet business networking! The real reason for this description is because of his extremely fair skin coupled with those huge cheeks of his that looks exactly like the bottom of my ass. Except it's porcelain white! Very beautiful skin, I suspect he uses those expensive night creams before going to sleep. And it seems to be getting fairer compared to the last time I met him! Must ask him for those brand of cream he uses, not to apply on my face but my tight bottom. Don't you know that the skin of your ass is the most neglected part of your body? If you don't agree with me, so what you going to do? Spank me? You wish...

So we waited at a Western restaurant recommended by Mr.Snake, and ordered all these types of western food. Gosh, I hate eating so much at the eve of the photoshoot. Actually, I hate eating period after all the spots I went earlier for my Penang food binge. Then arrives Mr.Stonato with his new micro family, which was my first time meeting them. I love seeing these changes to my friends, some good, some not so good, but who is perfect anyway? Next to Mr.Stonato is Ms.Cat, which is a curious little being, since the first question I got from her is what I am doing in KL work wise. No courteous warm-up questions like "how is your trip in Penang so far" or a compliment "It's so nice to see you after all this time, what great body you have!"

My friends from secondary school.
First meet after 5 years.
Of course, everybody thinks the life of an artiste is very easy and stress free compares to say a professional like a lawyer or an accountant. But let me assure everyone here, a good working artiste is great at making the impression that everything looks easy and effortless, even though underneath it is all hard work and lots of patience and connecting with the right people. It's a balancing art form only a true artiste can exudes so convincingly. And with Ms.Cat, I believed I succeeded in making that point. Curious little cat....meow...meow....(bring me the dirty broom!). You know what curiosity does to a cat.

I truly enjoyed all of them, for they have refreshed and reinvigorated my artistic life and rekindle the fire of belief to the human race again, well sort of. Oh, I forgot, to be fair, I have to put a label on myself too right, since I've done the same to all of them? The best description for me is Mr.Butter Pecan - because I have grown tanner and my skin smoother. Seems like I'm all ripe for my photoshoot at Pulau Redang!

Part 11 - coming soon...