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1989 Album by Taylor Swift - Review

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I got this album immediately it came out. This review could have come out earlier, but I'm not obligated to write it, so I waited it out until all the hype has died down. I don't want to be responsible for anyone's success or failure for my blog articles are much read worldwide. Honestly, I wasn't a big Taylor Swift fan. I only heard of her from a student. Prior to this album, her music is mostly centred on the country side. Honey, this Oriental don't wear a cowboy hat. I was very happy that this album got as much support from her fans and won the Grammys recently. It was very much deserving because of the sound that's really not new, but rather a reinterpretation of the old for the new generation. As I advanced in writing this review, I also noticed that Taylor carefully released each of her singles with a clever strategy that ensures her 1989 album a success. For aspiring recording artistes, read this review and learn how Taylor succeeds. Come on, Taylor, I see through you....

1) Start Big - "Shake it Off" 
Her first single from a then un-named album was such a thrill! It made great, strong and upbeat impression that immediately hooks an un-Swiftie like me. There's a strong message in this song - don't let haters get you down. Just shake it off - through dance, music (preferably Taylor Swift's music, ahem) or for a guy with a dirty mind - just shake it off, using your hand. Oops. But I'm sure Taylor have that intention in mind to give the title of the song a double meaning. Don't point accusatory finger at me for being dirty minded. Ask Taylor, herself. Why can't she named her hit single "Dance it Off" or "Shrug it Off"? Why must she use the word "Shake"? Unless she can pretends to be innocent and said she loves a milkshake. Come on, she's smarter than that and KNOWS a song with some sexual undertones SELLS. She also knows in advance that the rest of her songs are geared towards female empowerment. To satisfy her male fans so that they won't feel left out, she must at least produced one song for the boys, hence "Shake it Off". Maybe on an alternate universe, if she does produce a male empowerment album of songs, this single can be re-named as "Thrust it In" for her female fans.

2) Partners with a Giant - "Blank Space"
More sexual undertones in her second single - "Blank Space". You know what I mean. This song is dripping with female power, or rather dark, creepy, vengeful insanity! Hence, the blank space for female versus the male's phallic space. She got jealous when she discovered her boyfriend's sexting when she's happily laying her head in the most beautiful picnic setting in an old mansion (clearly, she wanted the world to know she's from "old money") This old money idea clearly ties back to American Express, who sponsored the production of this Fatal Attractionesque music video. Taylor Swift actually gave a creepy, witchy smile towards the end of the music video. But Taylor Swift is not all evil and dumb. We know there's nothing blank in her "space".

3) Change 360 degree - "Style"
Still haunted and traumatised by her wicked witch of the bitch-wood, suddenly Taylor came out from darkness and entered into style light. Yes, the song is one of my favourite and most contemplative of hers yet. Listen to the lyrics and it takes you on a journey in a car with her apparently reportedly ex-boyfriend Henry Styles (one of the One Direction boys - though I don't think he looks like James Dean at all) The music video featured another boy that's so different from James Dean, and everyone gave a sigh a relief. Phew, this one got a pair of eyes with one colour different from the other! Is he wearing contact lenses, oh no, these are really his eyes. The music video have that James Bond montage with the lights, shadows and projections onto Taylor's famous body parts and face - especially her thin, red pair of lips so as to connect with her previous album "Red". Honestly, the color red is too stark onscreen further reinforcing how thin her lips actually is. Men prefer fuller lips, no? Strangely, the chorus echoes a song I heard and loved long ago, way back in the 90s - Billie Myers' "Kiss the Rain". Come on, Taylor, did you copy the chorus from that song? Not even a bit?

4) Group all your Female Frenemies - "Bad Blood"
We know Taylor Swift wants to be the next Britney Spears, hence her change from country music to pop music. She's also clever enough to chain in all her friends and frenemies into her music video. That way, she would have indirectly neutralize all her competition in the music industry. Very clever. From some unknown actress, a former supermodel to the pop singer younger than her - Taylor Swift got all of them under her tiny long fingernails. The cinematopgraphy of the music video pays tribute to Matrix style and Frank Miller style movie. And of course the song title - "Bad Blood" is another reinforcement of the female power that needs release once a month during her period, know what I mean?

5) Reignite the Good Old Female Fantasy - "Wildest Dream"
There's ONE big complaint I have with all the Taylor Swift music videos. Her male heros portrayed in ALL her videos are all white caucasians! Not even one Oriental, African or Hispanic men to play her hero in all the singles and music videos I've just reviewed. What's more with this "Wildest Dream" music video set in Ethiopia, there's simply not one black man in sight! Gulp. Controversy. Aside from that, the music video is simply stunning and beautiful with its cinematography that hails back movie themes from "The English Patient" to "Out of Africa". Taylor plays this old world movie star, but she gets to model with all the wild animals like lions, giraffes, rhinos and leopards. Seriously, did she really share the same space with these wild animals or was it all just special effects? This music video, we get to see her most innermost animalistic sexual desires to have wild fun with these animals and frolick with them in the hot sands of Africa while appearing stunning like a model. Gulp....I know your songs reflects who you are as a person. Seriously, you need an Oriental guy.

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