Friday, October 14, 2016

Coming Soon: Coping Strategies for Victims of Workplace Bullying

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Coming Soon: The Culture of Hate the Urban Poor Learned to Substitute for Better Quality of Life

Friday, October 7, 2016

The Power of Window Display - Deception of Luxury

Fall is upon us, and soon winter.

Here, the vulnerable-minded Asians and Malaysians are deceived into the material luxury of the Western world, making us channelling all our money into buying the "luxury lifestyle", thus making the West richer still. Asians have forgotten about the real luxury - which lies in the quality of our atitude and behavior towards each other like kindness, fairness and understanding. Not materialistic gains to show off who is at the higher rung of social ladder. I'm not against buying Western luxury goods, but when it's done at the total substitution of the human value - then it's dehumanising and devaluing yourself only. Unfortunately, the power of western advertising has won once again with their dazzling window display in making us depart our diminishing earnings to the super rich in the west. From our local government ministers to the urban poor - we are spellbounded by the incredible visual array that already succeeds in separating the rich from the poor even further from sheer display of material possesions, all can be bought at a price.

Travel Aspirations
At Coach, they bring us the subway space and turn it into a travelling adventure! Ride the New York subway in your minds when you're outside looking in the store. The rich golden background further beckons the bystanders to come in. The colors for Fall is a touch of green and lots of black for men. Personally, I'm tired of black because it seems to be everywhere this season. The light golden background makes the clothes "pop", but don't be fooled. Black hardly pops when worn in the public where hard lighting is not present. When the weather is cold, most would stay indoors. But here in tropical climate Malaysia, the heat would turn us away from buying. For this case, the indoors turns out to be the insides of a subway train from New York - so the feeling of coldness is conjured in our heads. For the women, a pop of red is enough to shout boldness. Notice the space between the manequin and the seat, where the handbag is placed. The empty space gives the much needed room for the products to breathe and so enhance its appeal of how tiny and precious it can be.

Small Package, Big Space
Zara's venture into fashionable accessories results in their displays being ultra minimal. This is a wise move, considering how small the bag with the "golden" beetle-ensignage clasp actually is! But the golden bug clasp is the central selling point. Being bare with just the product at the centre - all attention is focused on that one particular detail! It's how the vision of the bystander is firstly captured by the vast space, and then quickly zeroed onto the "golden" clasp that holds the small bag together, right at the centre of the light. The viewer won't notice the size of the bag because of how bare the surrounding space is - further exaggerating the exquisite-ness size of the bag. This definitely is form over function, because I tried the bag on and it was only as big as the palm of my hand. What can you put into such a tiny bag, except maybe my pair of bug-eyed sunglasses?

Lighting Details
A deceptive display needs not lie on the outside window but inside the retail floor as well. Here again, Zara managed to showcase a beautiful tuxedo coat with light floral prints. This tuxedo coat only sells when the lighting is this good because without it, you won't be able to detect the floral prints on the coat. This coat is not suitable for any occasion, except for fundraising event or maybe to an awards show. To stand out in the crowd, you'll need constant hard lighting to show off the details of this tuxedo or it'll just be wash up by soft light.

Functional Green
A small bottle can be arranged to form into a column of shiny magnificence. This is what a bottle of tea leaves essence can be used in glowing light that emanates from the columned shelf itself - making a point that it's green and ready to be "plucked" for purchase. Besides acting as an attractive display, it is also the booth where the actual products can be taken by the customer and bought at the counter right away.

Big and Golden
A huge mirror can be a tad tacky to be put on display but this is a reflection of our own narcissistic society. The sheer glittery gold is able to conjure a false impression of luxury. This Versace display is always rich in its embellishments to portray its ostentatious-ness in full glory. Patterns are bold and easy to wear.

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Bold Pattern
Turban or head band is in right now, what's with our Malaysian women who covers their head? The patterned paper plane design as the backdrop raised a curious question - what does a paper plane has to do with the clothes on display?

Neon Blue
Blue coat on neon blue backdrop - this display is shouting for attention. Firstly, a blue coat is something of a novelty color. We are used to the drab and boring black for trench coats - but to see a pop of blue is always eye-catching. To further accentuate the color blue, a rounded neon blue ring lights up the display - to further the statement that blue is new and modern.

Red Glory
Anything bright and stark like the color red is always a must-have. Add that with a head of golden crown and you got a king Kumare that's ready to rule your world. Who doesn't want to be the sexy King or Queen that sits on the throne of power - clothed in gorgeous red coat of multiple pockets for your keys, wallet and smartphone? One coat to rule them all, one coat to bind them.

To further amplify my point - the read coat is a must-have in a sea of black and white. Colors are scarce in the fashion world, and everyone just wants to be safe and not stand out. But the coming season will see the resurrection of red. From Dior to TV teasers of the upcoming season of Keeping up with the Kardashians -  a pop of red is always a great deception to the eye that balances out the monotones of blacks and whites. Or maybe fashion is really nothing but an arrangement of bores with an occasional dish of cherries at the top?

Who wouldn't love a long coat covered in red? For the Chinese, red is the color of prosperity. But red is also energetic and powerful when used in the right setting.

Props Free
Finally, there's a form of window display where the actual retail floor becomes the display itself! Take a look at the new Saint Laurent store just opened at KLCC. There's no mannequins or fancy props to cover the store front - but actually allow the store space to become the display in itself. This form of transparecy really allows the eye to see beyond just the display and allows space to breathe through. If you love colors, this one could become a disappointment. But if you love only black and white - then this store if definitely for you.

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